My friend said “what did you expect” about sansa. And then went on to say Ramsey is hot. I’m leaving this planet. I’m letting go of my earthly teather

chachkiviolet asked:

I tried to send fanmail, I don't want to keep you sending asks but Tumblr didn't let me because I followed you quite recently?. That means you're from Florida, right? And do you only perform in teathers or in bars too? But ahhh, please feel free to upload more photos, it's real nice to meet the blogger. I don't even know what to say, I just get nervous lmao. I'm not going to be surprised if my English stops making sense.

This is actually good because I can make this public and type a lot more, yes I live in Florida. I bounce between Kissimmee/Orlando/Miami etc. for shows. I was going to post pictures of my drag children but since they are starters they don’t have fully developed characters unlike me. My drag name is Sandy Joint and I’ll post some of my drag pictures from shows. And don’t be nervous I am honestly such a nice person in and out of drag. I know some drag queens/mothers/children put on a persona of some sort but with me, what you see is what you get. I find you to be really adorable and I am so happy to talk to someone who understands what the drag community and knows what we go through so I thank you so much for that. 

las cosas cambian lentamente

es todo un proceso que aterra, hace falta mirar las diferentes formas de destruir lo que ya paso, pero lamentablemente los recuerdos quedaran en su lugar, guardando polvo listo para salir en el peor momento y causarnos una lluvia de sentimientos. 

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okay, so real talk, my friends have been pressuring me to see someone because they think that I might have anxiety (i took some reputable online tests that indecated that I was) and depression (i may have been suicidal for a while now) but every time I try to speak to my parents, both of whom have been diagnosed with these disorders they just tell me it’s normal to feel this way and just bascially make me feel like a massive hypocondriac. Tonight was kind of a breaking point because i just started sobbing uncontrollably for no reason for like half an hour and my mum just told me that feeling sad was normal. so like can i ask for some advice? am I just being a hypocondriac that’s just hormonal? should I go behind their backs to seek help?