I was very fortunate last week to be invited on set and capture the cast of In Dubious Battle. #JoshHutcherson #JamesFranco #Natwolff #AshleyGreene#ScottHaze #SelenaGomez #VincentdOnofrio #Ahnaoreilly #analeighTipton#AustinStowell , etc.  I’ve done a lot as a photographer, I mean A LOT, i had my own Tv Show, Web Shows, Travelled the World, organise Set Ups with Celebrities & agents, had my own columns & Blogs but this particular experience was very eye opening & amusing! I can’t wait for the rest to come!


Tomadashi Week, Day 3. Opposites. (x)

“Opposite… teams?”

Tadashi balked at the laser tag teams that Gogo and Wasabi had drafted. On his team—Wasabi’s team—he was partnered with Honey Lemon and Fred. On the other…

“This is asking for disaster,” Tadashi groaned. “Hiro and Gogo on the same team? With Baymax? And Aunt Cass?”

The question was no longer who would win. The question was… who would get out alive.

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so someone suggested I narrate one of my stories and I thought we all deserve a laugh it being April Fools and all (here i am making a fool of myself, you’re welcome) so here you go buddies 


U.K. VFX house Jellyfish Pictures worked on a discarded’Kingsman: The Secret Service scene that showed Michael Caine 40 years younger. While no specific details were given about the scene, Kingsman: The Secret Service comic book creator Mark Millar confirmed that the scene was set in 1975, and that it was cut because director Matthew Vaughn thought, “it pulled the movie’s pacing sideways.” (x)

Well, this shit better be as an extra on the dvd/blu-ray or i’m going to get into matthew vaughn’s office and flip all of his tables.

I love how people are saying pili is ruining kevin’s game when she wasn’t the one who made sure basically everyone knew that they made out, isn’t the one who keeps bringing it up in front of other people, and wasn’t the one who got out of johnny’s bed to go make out with another person like you realize you’re slut shaming, right?