Exclusive: One Direction’s Hairstylist Spills 3 Hair Secrets to Steal From the Boys

When we found out One Direction’s famed hairstylist and Fudge Urban ambassador, Lou Teasdale, was going to be in town, we had to meet with her. Namely, so we could find out how she keeps her hair so perfectly pastel (stay tuned for details), but also to pick her brain about Harry, Nial, Zayn, Louis, and Liam’s well-coiffed strands (or the locks that launched a million teenage girl screams). Having just come out with her own book, The Craft: DIY Hair and Beauty, Teasdale was full of helpful hair tricks—our favorite ones had to do with how to use your boyfriend’s (or imaginary boyfriend, if it’s a member of 1D) styling products on your own strands. Keep scrolling for three hair tricks to steal from the boys!

Tip #1. Use a Styling and Finishing Product

Teasdale swears by Fudge Urban’s Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Mousse ($10) as the ultimate styling product (in case you were wondering, yes, it smells as good as it sounds). “I use it as a finishing product quite a lot, but also—if you get greasy roots—it’s really nice to put in before you do whatever you normally do to your hair,” she says. “I always tell the boys to use a styling product, like a mousse, and a finishing product, like a salt spray or wax. They’re used to just messing their hair up and using a finishing product, but you need mousse if you want the style to hold.” She recommends putting the mousse through your strands before you blow-dry for instant natural texture.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Scared of Gel

If you equate gel with crunchy, alarmingly pointy spikes, you’re not alone—but Teasdale thinks you should give it another chance. “There’s a look at the moment the Kardashians keep doing,” she says. “Just straighten your hair, create a part, get some gel in it, and put your hair behind your ears. People are scared to do it, but it looks so wicked and on-trend.” She says using a moldable gel (try this Gel ($26) by Bumble & bumble) on your roots and pushing it behind your ears is the ultimate contrast to beachy, undone waves.

Tip #3: Get Waxed (Your Hair, That Is)

“This wax is like a bar of soap!” Teasdale says when she picks up Fudge Urban’s Surfer Wax ($11). “If you’ve got a guy who’s got a Mohawk, you’d rub it between your hands, melt it, then reset it in the hair. For me, I just rub it on my ends for lots of texture.” Who knew your boyfriend’s hair wax could make your hair look so model-off-duty perfect? +