fall to do list:

make cream soups (pumpkin, cauliflower, mushroom, carrot….)

find the best present for W name day

eat fruits: pear, grape, apple,fig…

enjoy the last sun rays

make some fall diy, decor

find a job :P

burn cadles

collect chestnuts

drink spicy teas

do some fall makeup, nails

drink greens smoothies

listen fall music

play board games, card games with W

walking in the river side/ forest

hot chocholate

go to the Oázis


in the last couple day this song was in my mind, it isn’t very pleasant…anyway today I was in the H&M Home section and I bought this foxy napinks,its so cute:

Kókusztekercs 4. - grízes (Coconut roll with grits)

this was the dessert, its a huge amount, a bit too sweet and mine is not too nice looking, but swear we can eat it:)

Csirkecomb zöldségekkel, római tálban (Chiken with vegetables, in clay dish)

Yesterday I tried out the clay dish wich we inherited, hmmm I think its not worth the effort… its heavy, and dont like cold or warm, and have to put in water for least half hour before use…. 

today I biked a lot, I mean very very lot, from my parents to our flat, its the two ends of the city…. now I am feeling cold, but my muscles are burnings


“Give me something that makes up the pain, please

Give me something that makes the pain subsides”