Sweet Jaejoong. He went down to greet his fans in the handicap section.  He cares so deeply for his fans (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ~♥” (during Triangle fanmeeting)

The hardest goodbye

I still remember the last day I saw you. I thought I was strong enough to say goodbye and keep it together. But as I stood in front of you struggling to find the right words to say… just how to express how happy I was we met, how thankful I was for everything you did for me, and how much I didn’t want to say goodbye…I noticed you were the first one to start to cry. My heart broke in a way it never had before. I didn’t intend to but I cried through my last words to you, and I cried because I knew it was a real goodbye, I knew time was running out, and I cried.. because I was so happy to know that this whole time I actually meant something to you. I became a real friend to you, someone who actually brought you to tears, I had to have actually meant something to you for us to be there standing in the sun, in the last minutes we had, having no idea what to say but still prolonging that final Goodbye. I cried because it was at that exact moment when I saw tears fill your eyes that I finally knew we were real friends…and that I may never see you again. 

I miss you.