I just discovered this web archive that takes a snapshot of your blog during the years, and now I’m seriously touched and nostalgia is destroying me. These are some pics of my blog since August 2013, I changed my theme many times, but the website recorded just these ones. OMG ç-ç My Sev has always been there. Look how fab she was! LOOK! I’m about to cry. I want to write about my insanity clan legacy again, seriously, I need to. Anyway…someone who’s still here remember these themes (it would be so cute if after all this times you’re still one of my followers T_T)?

Just a daydream...

There is this one boy
When he smiles, the whole world gets a little brighter
When he looks at you, your heartbeat runs as fast as a cheetah
When he stands close to you, your mind is going like eofuebngksiucujf
When you met him

Just run away and never turn around
‘Cause it’s the best for you

I was listening to Pumped Up Kicks and…
Imagine if Columbine never happened and Eric & Dylan were with us today. They would hear the song come on and obviously they would hate it, but they would realize the lyrics and think back to how much the song related to their younger selves..and they would laugh. They would think about how that time was so far behind them.

I know the score at NYSSMA this year is really important to you because it’s a level 6 conference solo.. but you shouldn’t care what your score is… really all that matters is you try your up most hardest. This is such a hard solo, and I seriously couldn’t be more proud of you. It’s hard to play a solo because each time it’s played… it’s played a different way, and it takes lots of time and dedication. It’s not easy to play music, but yet you’ve accomplished so much, learned and grown so much from this solo. Doing this solo with you has even made me learn new things I never even knew. Believe me, there is much more to you than the score you’ll be given, you’re much more than a damn number. You’re an amazing musician,  So please, you shouldn’t fret over what score you get.
—  Said my band director when I said I’d be very upset if I scored poorly and probably be upset about it for hours. I’d like to share this with many other musicians who are also worried about scores and what people think of them. <3