lyrialstar asked:

Why do people cry?

It’s often assumed people cry because they’re sad or their eyes are irritated. These are mere urban legends. People cry because of “øyeepletdvergs.“

An øyeepletdverg is a small gnome that lives under your eyelid. We all have them, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Living off your sweet, sweet eyeball juices, øyeepletdvergs are a happy folk who hold parties and other gatherings often within your skull’s ocular orbits. They drink liberally and urinate at a corresponding rate. That’s what tears are- øyeepletdverg pee.

Øyeepletdvergs love onions and their smell intoxicates them. Thus they get drunk, and have to go more often. Similarly, the pheromones we emit when sad or sentimentally happy inspire their drinking. It’s possible but inadvisable to get rid of ones øyeepletdvergs by spraying insecticide into your eyes. This would be a mistake, as we live in symbiosis with these creatures who keep our eyes lubricated in exchange for their lifestyles. Also it would involve spraying insecticide into your eyes, which is #7 on Rupert Wade’s List Of Things You Shouldn’t Spray In Your Eyes.

It’s all okay,until the lonliness creeps up on your soul.The world suddenly stops,and your tears appear more often.Perhaps,it’s your fault.To slowly push everyone away,because they hurt you in a way.Feeling lonely is  like standing on the very edge of a cliff,without anybody there to stop you from jumping.It’s like sitting in a cage,forced to deal with your feelings.
—  W.G
Anxiety Attack

At first it’s a distant thought

Then you start thinking “what if”

And now there’s no letting go

Here comes another panic attack

Now it starts to sting your eyes

To make your chest feel tight

You close your eyes and try to breath

But nothing is working right

Your heart’s now pounding in your ears

It’s bound to beat out your chest

Shaking begins without control

But damn you try your best

“It’s nothing to worry about”

But your head

It’s the enemy and they have no clue

How much you want to be dead

Hyperventilating subsides

Dizziness replaces

Now you sleep, begin to dream

Taken to far worse places

To My Long-Ago Ex

Hi there.
It’s me.
I know it’s been a while
And you might not even
Remember me
But I’m
The girl you told she was

But if I was perfect
Why was it never enough?
You were always trying to
Change me
Into something I am not.

Maybe I am perfect but
I just wasn’t
Perfect for you.

I just wish
I had been good enough.

I put up with so much crap
Because you didn’t know how
To treat me right
All the time.

I cried too much
Sometimes every night
But I loved you.
If I’m honest,
I still love you.
I don’t think
I’ll ever completely stop.
There’s a piece of my heart
You took with you to Europe
When you stopped talking
And forgot me
And I may never ever get it back
Even though you’ve been home
For months.

Our story was one of extremes.
The good was
So so good
Like a drugless high
Of euphoria and promises
And the bad was
So so bad
Like your dislike of my anxiety
(I don’t fucking like it either, you know.)
And my black lipstick,
And like all my midnight tears.

I call you an asshole
Because it’s easier,
Because hearts forget
Far too easily
The wars they’ve been put through
And hearts forgive
Far too easily
Because they love
Even still.

But I can’t romanticize the past
Though I do.
I risk going back
And I shouldn’t.
I can’t text you
For fear of what would happen.

I’m a girl with daddy issues
And you’re a boy like my father.
I’m a thin tree
And you’re a hurricane
Shaking me loose.
It was a beautiful trainwreck and
A bad idea wrapped in shiny paper and possibility.

But you are a mistake
I could make over and over
And I try so hard
Not to.

How can I miss a boy who made me cry?
How can I still want you back sometimes?

Your name makes me cringe
And I don’t know what I would do
If I saw you again.

I need to put you from my mind
But I fear that may be impossible.

—  Words You’ll Never Read // Pt. 6 -To My Long-Ago Ex