so Hillary wants to be your next president America? 

i have a fantasy… 

Hillary standing before a crowd of a million or so…

“i’m standing here now because i’m tired of men’s bullshit. (wild applause) but first i’m tired of women’s bullshit. women tearin’ one another down, women with our thousand ways to score off one another… dammit y’all- we are the mother fucking strength (wild applause) we are the answer to this earth’s problems, we have Intuition and Knowledge and Heart and Power little dicked men- ain’t they all little dicked?? (wild laughter)- never dreamed of (wild applause). today i am standing up for American women, for the world’s women because the world’s women are the ANSWER (wild applause, men clutching their dicks) 

Bernie -my little-dicked friend- (wild laughter), i reckon he ain’t the old patriarchy, he’s got some fucked up ideas about israel but we’ll sort that… he’s got a big heart, and he wants to dismantle big capital and well, as of now, he’s my running mate (wild applause) and i want him to help learn me how we can together- on behalf of this mother earth, our only planet- bring the 1% down from their fucking asteroid (wild applause)- and that includes me and Little Bill- coz it too fucking weird up there with the psychopaths… etc, etc


The Rippin’ & the Tearin’

It’s an internet classic. If you haven’t watched it you NEED to.

someone in my world religs class was tearin down polyamory but I

(ง •̀_•́)ง  (ง •̀_•́)ง  (ง •̀_•́)ง  (ง •̀_•́)ง 

(p.s. all the fightin guys r dating)

anonymous asked:

how HOW is it possible to be this cute?? i can feel myself getting diabetes by just my seeing your drawings; is it even legal to be this sweet?? IS IT???? Now now I hope you're having a great day because u sure as hell are making everyone's lives better!!

I’m…tearin up a bit..how can someone be this nice, this pure..this angle-like..let me tuck you in at night and read you “the grand king princess”