Presenting my #blacktea seasoned #teapot I found it at a #thriftshop and it is a bit of an enigma, it seems like a Duan Ni #yixing getting much darker after seasoning, but instead of a makers mark it has made in China. It seems like it is a mix of handmade and machine made. Regardless of what it is, it seasoned wonderfully. Drinking Dian Hong at the time. #tea #teabliss #chinesetea


A photographer I am not, but here are some mediocre shots of the Tea Pot I hand painted for the Baker Street Babe’s Daintiest Bee Charity Ball Auction! I’m fairly sure you can still buy tickets to the ball for a chance to bid on this! If you’re in the New York City area, I’d super recommend checking it out, the contributions are going to a really great cause, plus it’s a great time :D