Woman’s Attempt To Troll Liberals Backfires When Someone Notices This Disturbing Similarity

Holly Fisher, a conservative Christian, has been getting insane amounts of attention recently by trolling liberals on social media over the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. Unfortunately, she tried to up the ante one too many times and now she has unintentionally become the living symbol of how fundamentalism, no matter in what religion, looks disturbingly similar.

After gaining internet fame for posing for a “conservative hat trick” by standing in front of a Hobby Lobby wearing a pro-life t-shirt and drinking out of a Chick-fil-a cup, Fisher wanted to find her next big political statement. Fisher’s fans had apparently been telling her that just standing in front of Hobby Lobby wasn’t good enough. The astute patriots noted that the most important aspects of being an American – guns, the Bible and the American flag – were conspicuously absent. Assuming she could get a further rise out of the liberals she hates so much, Fisher quickly tweeted a new photo to prove just how patriotic she was.

While many of her followers fawned over the latest “suck it, Liberals!” tweet, one user noticed how creepy the photo was if you stopped to think about it.

@EricSilverUSA this obsession with guns and religion. If @HollyRFisher had a Quran and the same gun she’d look like she was a part of ISIS

— John Williams (@willj1508) July 4, 2014

This prompted someone to post the obvious comparison: Fisher’s picture next to an almost identical picture of a young woman holding a similar rifle, in front of a Islamic flag and clutching the Quran. Even their crooked smiles are exactly the same. It’s uncanny.

Fisher, a self-described “Second Amendment supporting mother of three and wife of a military combat veteran” is an amazing reminder that had she been born in a different place in the world with a different religion she would proudly be standing up for Islam and not Christianity. Fundamentalism knows no national borders. See, we aren’t so different after all – even in our extremism.

I will admit to possessing a certain amount of admiration for the the Tea Party GOP’s strategy and tactics. Why? The Tea Party GOP has been able to advance a political agenda that is inspired by the end of Reconstruction and “Redemption” launched forward 140 or so years, while using a sophisticated modern media propaganda operation to simultaneously create the artificial crises of economic malaise, stagnation, and broken government while blaming Obama and the Democrats for the problems the Republicans intentionally created.

Ayn Rand’s followers and Christian rightists often find themselves on the same side of issues these days. The Tea Party, with its stress on robust capitalism and righteous liberty, has been a rallying point for both groups. Still, the philosophical disharmony between Christianity and objectivism (Ayn Rand’s philosophy) has commonly presented problems for anyone seeking to straddle the two worldviews. Just ask Rep. Paul Ryan.

She is an Iranian-born Communist sympathizer. That is a FACT, not propaganda. » She is one of Obama’s Puppet Masters. He doesn’t make a move without her instructions & approval. » Their intentions are exactly what they say—to “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM THIS COUNTRY”. » She is behind his many failures & many, many executive orders, bypassing the Constitution—

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