Lets keep it 100: I shouldve went to Westlake so I could kick it wit @kissmyasshley_ ! Lol we known each other since the 11th grade! It dont even seem like its been that long. But yeah u mad cool and your mom is awesome! My homie 4lifee #TeamSGA lol

the C&C crew this morning by #TeamSGA one thing we love is the diverse cars that everyone has from jdm to American and euro. Today the line up was two #458 one of them was a #speciale two #f430 two #r8 two #964 a #993 #RWB a #996 #c4s an #frs and a #335i doesn’t matter what you drive, its all about the friendships you cultivate and the camaraderie for the love of the automobile pic courtesy of @albertroxas @rise_always @jeffso116 @audatsgud @willpowah @rennspec

Thanks for the shot of the l-fail @albertroxas . Car looks good! Just a few of that’s of #teamsga last Saturday at Cars and coffee . Full lineup Saturday was 991, 510 , r8 , is300 , gt3rs , r35, 997tt, 996gt2 , clkblk series , 996cab , m3, challenge stradale, f420, Duc 848, diavel , & cbr graffiti. Oh hi @canibeatnoel