That feeling when u are laying down relaxing and u notice for the first time in a long time how flat ur belly has gotten… then u notice that ur strech marks u got from being pregnant and losing ur child are starting to fade…(granted I use cover up to cover them on cam but doesn’t mean they aren’t there) anyways… some of u won’t understand or care that hard work pays off….I know I should be asleep right now but I am extremely enamoured to see results. Watching my body change after life beat it up didn’t beat me up. I still have a ways to go but that baby weight is shedding off of me. And no I’m not afraid to admit I have stretch marks but ill be damned if I show them. To me each mark is a symbol of the pain I went through losing my baby… if I can overcome that I am pretty sure that one day I will be unstoppable and fearless. (: #lookatthat #mybelly #losingweight #gaininginnerstrength #teamsativa