sometimes I forget to smile.  I forget because people have got me so down life has had me to my lowest points at times, that it becomes hard to deal with.  I try to balance my life and also do whats right in my career as an artist doing it alone . I mean I have my fans but even that seems as if they lost faith in me or maybe I’m not satisfied with what I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve come . The point here is that this picture simply reminds me to smile , cause smiling is contagious and no matter what people do or say I’m gone do me .



Hope everyone’s weekend is off on a good note cause I know mine is! 150 votes in one week and voting doesn’t end til’ October 7th 👊 thanks to everyone and I mean everyone who’s been faithfully voting it means alot to have your push honestly 💯 #NoFavors just #TeamPDM #PickYourPoison #YouAlready

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Because know matter how minimal it may seem to some of you , if you been through some of the shit heard some of the shit amd met some of the people that I have you’d know im that close. So just want to sincerely say thanks to everyone downloading sharing and just doing whatever they can to boost my career and spirit as an artist . Its all love always #TeamPDM // #TeamPDMUK #YourFavoriteUnsignedArtist #PhantomDaMonsta