Question: Delena or Stelena,hahaha:)Just kidding.Favorite Delena scene?

Stelena? what is this? i haven’t heard of it haha , Delena♥

Aghr there are so many scenes, I think end scene in 4x08 because he was trying to make things good -as always- and she was finally figthing for him, also the fact that it made me cay like a baby xD

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PS:I don’t know why you asked, your blog it’s perfection Em :)

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—— Questions Time ——

1. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas :)

2. Ever fantasized about a cartoon character? (I know you have, tell us which one) Hahaha, emm when i was little i had a big crush on Matt (i think that was his name) from Digimon 

3. What are your New Years Resolutions? 
Emm try to make things better than last year, enjoy a little more and try yo socialize more 

4. If you could be a Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf, or Denedain, which would you choose? I’ll pass this haha

5. Favorite Superhero and why? 
Wonder Woman :D 

6. Is Ian Somerhalder perfect or perfect? 
He is super perfect <3

7. Your first URL? *Dark times* :P youaremywonderwall (but with a double letter but i don’t remember xD)

8. If you could speak a language you don’t already, which would it be?

Italian, and german

9. What would you bring to a desert island? (NO WIFI lol) Ian Somerhalder ;]

10. Your tumblr crush? like tumblr crush from the ones i reglog? Eliza, and like in person, i’ll never tell xD 

11. If the world was ending at the end of the month, what would you do? I’d try to fly to France to see someone 


1. What are your plans for this year?

2. Favourite book?

3.  What would you do if you won the lottery today?

4. A place you’ like to travel?

5. Would you like to change something from 2012?

6. Favourite season of the year?

7. Most embarrasing moment that comes to your mind

8. What do you love the most?

9. Something that it’s always with/on you?

10.  1 thing you like and don’t like about you

11. Are you a cuddler?