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CM Punk Could Fight In UFC After Quitting WWE?

The absence of CM Punk since the night after the Royal Rumble has led to a lot of questions about what he might do in his future. Would he be open to coming back to WWE or would he be willing to work for some other wrestling company? We don’t know those answers because Punk has been silent since he left WWE, but he has been seen at UFC 170 on February 22nd. Punk has done some MMA training and has said many times that he’s a huge fan of the sport.
UFC President Dana White was interviewed by Chad Dukes and Lavar Arrington on Friday afternoon for / CBS Radio DC 106.7. Here are the direct quotes from White on the subject of CM Punk signing with UFC.
White: “We have literally never talked about business. I like him. He’s a fan. I’ve heard rumors out there, and he and I have been around each other and been together, he has never ever, I’ve never talked to him about wrestling and he’s never talked to me about fighting. I have no idea.”
When White was asked if he was open to it he responded this way: “Um. I mean, yeah. I guess if he wanted to fight, I’d talk to him about it.”
The link to the radio show is available here with White talking about CM Punk at the 5:31 mark.
It’s an interesting possibility, but also one where we don’t know what truly feels about the idea. The key phrase that White used was “if he wanted to fight.” He doesn’t know if Punk is interested in fighting and even if he did it’s unlikely that he would share that info in a radio interview.
Punk is a 35 year old pro wrestler that has been in the business for 15 years. He’s never had an official MMA fight. Could he do it? Sure. He’s a good enough athlete that he might be able to, but at his age it seems unlikely that he would. Then again, current WWE superstar Batista had a MMA fight that he won when he was in his 40s.
CM Punk’s WWE contract expires this July. Could he sign with UFC? When it comes to a guy like CM Punk who keeps his cards close to his vest, anything is possible.