The girl in the middle is Natalie Ellis Cleveland. She was diagnosed with cancer the end of her freshman year. For the last 2 months, she has been in the hospital going through radiation and chemo. She even spent her Birthday in there. (June 18th.) Natalie has such a love for Harry Styles. We’ve been trying to get the attention of him or Ellen. Please reblog and we just might have a chance of making her dreams come true.

Hey guys.

So this is a girl who lives in my town. 

Her name is Natalie.

Towards the end of the school year, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. 

Natalie loves One Direction more than anything, and she says that Harry Styles has been her number one inspiration through all of this. A group of people in my town have started a group called ‘Team Cleveland’, and they’re trying to get her to meet Harry Styles, so he can take her to her next homecoming, or even just visit her in the hospital. 

Please help get the word out there. 

It would mean the world to Natalie.