This young woman participates in the Special Olympics and is one of Chola Pinup Arizona’s biggest fans… Her mother reached out to the team and asked if they could make this special needs beauty’s dreams come true…. she has always wanted to do a photoshoot session with cholapinup… the ladies came through… Mamas (a Chola Pinup Arizona official and jefa of the CP Street Team) arranged for a photoshoot session and paid for it out of her own pocket.  CP is always loyal and loving towards their fans! We support those that support our causa <3 Much love to Trish and her jefita Reina <3


I had an amazing time yesterday… thank you to my husband Juan Ramirez for all the support he gives me and a shout out to Doll-E Geezzee for letting us use her studio and to my girl LAdiee Pain for trusting me I’ll be in LA tomorrow… so TOMORROW is the last day I will be shooting… get at me if you wanna get some flickas done… 509.426.8570 text me or message me at firme.nena@gmail.com