Nashville 2012

The high-points:

  • Boo introduced himself to every tourist and homeless person he saw.
  • Boo also peed on every tree, bush and rock along Fort Nashboro park area.
  • No blisters from the half marathon and my nipples are intact
  • No pain today, just some minor tightness.
  • Saw my family and drank Jack Daniels Honey.
  • Frozen strawberries were awesome after the race.

The details:

I thought about this quite a bit on the drive back to Chicago.  My final time was 2:37:30. Did I do as well as I thought I could have? No. I thought I could run the half in 2:30:00, but the sun and heat were major factors. So were the hills, but hills are manageable in cooler weather. Hell, cloud cover would have been nice! In all honesty, I was a bit bummed about some of my performance.

Many of the water stations were packed and you had to stop, or walk slowly, to get water. Most stops, I grabbed two waters; one for drinking and the other to help cool me off. In the last mile or two, I walked thru some turns due to traffic and, again, to help cool me. I did walk up a portion of James Robertson Parkway (that was the last uphill before the downhill to the finish). 

An on-line friend, Tim, gave me words of encouragement. He told me I had great time in tough conditions. He’s right and it helped me focus on the positives from this run.

Those positives are:

  • This is my second half-marathon in the 11 months I’ve been running.
  • I beat my first half by 10 minutes.
  • The Nashville half is part of my training program for Chicago. This is simply a stepping stone to my 2012 goal.
  • I didn’t fall!  :)
  • No blisters!
  • This was a HILLY-ASS run in hot conditions. If I did this well in this run, I should much better in flatter runs.
  • We take something away from every run; every run helps us grow.

Some personal observations:

I should have trained with Gatorade. I started to drink too much and my tummy was feeling it toward the end. I thought the end of the race was quite disorganized. Sorry I didn’t meet any of the tumblr folks in Nashville!!!

Taking it easy this week with recovery runs. I have to remember to train smart to run smart.

teamagee replied to your post: Wk 3 Saturday 10 miles

I always wave too, and am amazed at how many never acknowledge it. I even feel compelled to wave at cars for some reason. Any way for you to go back and figure your exact mileage using That’s what I try to do when my Garmin dies.

I know the distance was 10 miles because I ran from the trailhead to the 5-mile marker and back. After I stopped running, I counted the seconds until I could get back to my car and glance at the time on my phone (10:34 - 3 mins = 10:31). The Nike+ data tells me I started at 9:14, so I figure it was ballpark 1:17 total.