Want to ID a raptor in flight, by its silhouette?  Hawk Mountain has this great resource, read it over for more details on each.  Images aren’t to scale of course.

I think I might have seen a juvenile eagle last week down by the lake… maybe.  We’ve been enjoying our nearly daily sightings of the peregrine falcons too.  About nesting time for the Cooper’s Hawk we tracked last year… we should go down to the river and see if we can find them again.

Falcon Shop in Doha, Qatar. via reddit

Some interesting discussion:

Regarding price: 

They are not cheap. At the Abu Dhabi Hunting Expo they had an entire area set aside just for falconry and the average cost was probably around 60,000 UAE Dirhams which is around $16,000 USD. That was the AVERAGE cost of a cheaper bird.

The white bird in the front is a Gyrafalcon.

"Fun fact of the day: All the birds in that picture are female. In fact, all falcons are female. Male birds of the same species would be called tercels"