I finally watched the episode of The Amazing Race where Meghan & Joey are eliminated...

This made me so happy:

Then this made me SO sad:

I know I’m a few months late; I subscribed to them this summer…. but, I am SO incredibly proud of them! They worked their tails off & at the end they got screwed over by the other teams. Finishing in 5th place after two u-turns while everyone else is against you is incredible!! I truly hope they are proud of themselves because I know there are so many people out there that are.

Hands down, they are my FAVORITE YouTubers. They are both so talented, incredibly encouraging & always inspiring. They never fail to put a smile on my face. If you don’t watch their videos already you should. Find them here: Joey / Meghan


Hilary Knight & Meghan Duggan on the USA/Canada rivalry:
We joke around because it brings a lot of attention to the sport for better or for worse. You know, stuff happens on the ice and if someone takes a shot at our goalie, we’re gonna protect our goalie […] We’re extremely physical teams and you’ll get the best game out of both of us when we’re playing each other, hands down. (x)