Take the TOP GEAR CHALLENGE, and maybe win a trip to the Top Gear Track!

Race on the legendary Top Gear Test Track, hire The Stig to race for your team and take part in exciting geo-targeted events to win driving experiences at legendary tracks across the world.

Beginning with the chance for UK gamers to win a Top Gear Track Experience at the home of the popular BBC TV show, geo-targeted competitions will also be run in many other countries to win track day experiences at famous tracks including Nurburgring, Monza, Laguna Seca, and Suzuka.

With play-bursts designed for gamers on the move, replicating all the thrills and spills of real-time racing, Race Team Manager puts you in the driver’s seat, on the pit wall and at the boardroom table. Work your way up from the junior leagues to the pinnacle of motor sport and become a championship winning team!

Download the game HERE.

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What are your theories about what really happened with Paul? I don't believe the crap about him quitting from one argument with Zayn? So what do you think really happened? Do you think he will come back?

Well, he has young kids and has only been married a few years, right? So I think he just wanted to spend more time at home. He probably has a nice nest egg from being 1D’s tour manager. So, that’s basically it? I think he’d be willing to work with 1D again—post Modest/HJPR. Management fucked him over with the stories about him fighting with Zayn knowing due to his NDA, he couldn’t set the record straight. I doubt he’d want to work with them again.

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"A charity match will take place at Anfield this month. Two all-star teams, managed by Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, will go head-to-head. Player recruitment is well underway, and players confirmed include Luis Suarez, Fernando Torres, Pepe Reina, Dirk Kuyt, Xabi Alonso, Thierry Henry, John Terry and Didier Drogba, to name a few." OMFG TOGETHER AGAIN

yeeeees. I am so happy
especially because of them 

Score One for Liam:

The Inquisitor has apologized for the drinking story.

Editor’s note: Everyone, from Cambio to the BBC to Liam Payne himself, seems to have something to say about this story and the Inquisitr’s response is simple; we heard you and we’ll take our lumps. Liam has since deleted related tweets, after having expressed his reluctance to respond to stories, and has instead replaced them with an apology for his “rant,” to which we say “thank you” for taking us to task. While the Inquisitr’s management team envisions our platform as a great source for entertainment and celebrity news, we certainly never want to be part of that news. In this case, it’s certainly warranted and for that we offer our apologies to Liam Payne and his fans for the nature of the above story. Our writer has been counseled on the difference between reporting on existing gossip and rumors and, essentially, creating them through interpretation and speculation. Rather than sweep it under the rug, the story has been left in its original form, save for this mea culpa, for the sake of transparency. Again, our apologies.

The above has been added to the end of the original story, which remains up.

Although we may discuss long term trends in our business, we do not plan to give earnings guidance in the traditional sense. We are not able to predict our business within a narrow range for each quarter. We recognize that our duty is to advance our shareholders’ interests, and we believe that artificially creating short term target numbers serves our shareholders poorly. We would prefer not to be asked to make such predictions, and if asked we will respectfully decline. A management team distracted by a series of short term targets is as pointless as a dieter stepping on a scale every half hour.

"Fear makes you rude, Will."

 #the hufflepuffs starting a newspaper to bring the school together #and post war revolution babies gryffindors start submitting social justice rants for articles#ravenclaws typing up careful examinations of all the longstanding traditions that need to be changed#slytherins proving their worth (not that they need to of course) #and ripping through stories about muggle/magic studies #an entire generation of students creating instead of rebuilding (themaraudersaredead)

are you trying to kill me with your tags

/I’m late, but it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t draw SOMETHING for Halloween! So, have some OTP’s being overgrown children.

Tavros is Peter Pan(No hat. I’m lazy)

Aradia is a pirate(IDK, it should’ve been Vriska, but OTP!!)

Karkat is Dave(He didn’t want to dress up, and decided to do it in spite of him).

Dave is a firefighter(as per request for homestuckinator413<3)


arakita doodles for manager au, a thing me and si-siw have been cooking up over twitter for the past week or so?? YEHA

manager au is basically our foray into a universe where arakita’s baseball injury fucks up his arm enough for him to be unable to become a cyclist, but as fate would have it he ends up becoming the manager for hakone gakuen’s cycling club instead (and becomes the Biggest Team Mom Ever in the process)

it’s also very very kinara which is why DUMB COMIC OF A THING THAT HAPPENS AT SOME POINT IN THE PLOT„„, [sweats] (there’s fic incoming at some point so ya ha ha ha ha)

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Sorry, maybe I'm just out of the picture, but how exactly are One Direction "going downhill fast"? Are we blaming this all on their management team? (I hope I'm not coming off as rude, I'm just out of the loop!)

Unpopular opinion:


The shitty narrative they’re pushing, portraying the boys as lazy rude guys with zero personality, only caring about girls, parties and having fun. That they haven’t been seen outside as a band since forever, they are not a band, they are 5 guys hanging out on stage, they are not travelling together, their team, jesus christ their team, separating them as much as they can, ignoring every single plea the fandom has, blacklisting 2 band members and denying their relatinship left and right, have you seen their merch?, the OTRA setlist, the practical zero connection to their fans, that the concerts are rushed and the only fan interaction - the IG questions - were cut out, that when introducing a song we never hear about how this and that song was written but to be so happy to be here and this is the loudest crowd ever, that they are such a good material to work with and everything that can be fucked up gets fucked up. That their last 2 music videos were plagiarized, that apparently no one cares to put them in a room and let them do whatever they want because we fell in love with their friendship and their ot5 interactions, I don’t care about perfume interviews. I want them to talk abuot MUSIC. Because they make amazing music. Such a waste of talent and opportunities, seriously.

I don’t say it’s the boys’ fault.

But they don’t deserve a Brit.