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Regarding your post about the Sony leaks... Do you think a new management team is already involved (do you think it's the Azoffs) and do you think they would sign on to another label since Sony is looking to fade them out? I really think Modest has no idea how to manage them since long term is something they've never had to deal with. It's funny, bc fans know their recording contract would be up by 2015, but now everyone is freaking out cause it feels too real.

Those emails were discussing Syco’s business plans, not One Direction’s. They were talking about why Sony should or should not extend their deal with Syco. Because 1D is one of Syco’s biggest clients, they were used to explain the commercial success Syco is expected to have in the upcoming years. 

Unfortunately, Syco sounded pretty convinced 1D won’t get any bigger so they were discussing how things would work once 1D’s success fades. It’s not an indication of 1D’s relationship with Sony. And because Syco is a partnership between Sony Music and Simon, it wouldn’t surprise me if the boys let their Syco contract expire and signed with Sony Music independently. x

It’s not just this season. Last season was a mess too. What started as a show about a woman and her crisis team management helping rich people, politicians, etc. hide their dirty laundry has morphed into Taken Mission Impossible: the series. There’s no plot, all the characters have either become annoying or pointless, and the writers value OMFG moments more than actual growth and storylines. It’s a hot mess that just keeps getting worse. I truly believe it’s beyond redemption at this point
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There have been some good performances from the team and I managed to get on the scoresheet a few times as well, which was nice.

After you score one, they tend to come when confidence is quite high. You tend to be in the right positions a little bit more and getting forward more. I would put it down to a bit more confidence in front of goal and getting in the right places.

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uhh sorry to bother you, but do you mind explaining who the azoffs are and how they relate to all of this and 1d??

Hello nonny!

Here’s my Sony Leak tag and my ongoing Azoff Tag

Basically, Irving Azoff is a very influential man in the music industry, a big time music producer, and Harry and his family are super close. You might have noticed that Harry often hangs out with a brunette man named Jeff in LA when he visits, and this is Jeff Azoff. Harry even has family pics taken with the Azoff family and Irving got him a cake for his birthday last year.

There has been wide fandom speculation that the Azoffs will (hopefully) be taking over as 1D’s management team in the near future. Most of us are totally in favor of this, and have started calling Irving “Grandpa”.

Irving Azoff is called “the rat” or something in some circles in the music industry because he is notorious for getting artists out of their shitty contracts and taking them under his wing and becoming their producer. This is what we hope happens with 1D. Irving goes to court for his clients and protects them. Here’s a video of Irving Azoff completely slaying Jared Leto’s old management team.

Anyway, last night during the leak, there was an email between Shelli Azoff and Sony where Shelli wanted to a movie to be shown on that boat, probably for a client, and Sony rejected her proposal. She then retaliated and told them she’d refuse permission for Sony to use any of the Azoff’s artists for their movies if she didn’t get what she wanted. It just shows they’re willing to fight for what they want. And seeing as there’s huge speculation about 1D making a transfer at some point, this is a good sign that they’ll actually be looked after.


“We saw that Louis Tomlinson of One Direction made two tweets linking to the Captain America trailer to his 15 million followers - all of whom are female.  We have asked Modest Management, the One Direction management team for some insight given that Louis’ tweet was constructed like a sponsored ad and we’d like to leverage our relationship to get the same opportunity.  That said, we will craft messages to tweet from the One Direction This Is Us twitter account which we manage as it remains the largest followed movie handle on Twitter with nearly 3.5 million subscribers.” 


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Im so sorry, I need to make some space in my brain, so Im putting this AU idea here. Dont mind me… (/o\)

Kawoshin volleyball AU where Gendo is the chairman of a school with a successful volleyball team and he forces Shinji to play for them. He is

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/I’m late, but it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t draw SOMETHING for Halloween! So, have some OTP’s being overgrown children.

Tavros is Peter Pan(No hat. I’m lazy)

Aradia is a pirate(IDK, it should’ve been Vriska, but OTP!!)

Karkat is Dave(He didn’t want to dress up, and decided to do it in spite of him).

Dave is a firefighter(as per request for homestuckinator413<3)


arakita doodles for manager au, a thing me and si-siw have been cooking up over twitter for the past week or so?? YEHA

manager au is basically our foray into a universe where arakita’s baseball injury fucks up his arm enough for him to be unable to become a cyclist, but as fate would have it he ends up becoming the manager for hakone gakuen’s cycling club instead (and becomes the Biggest Team Mom Ever in the process)

it’s also very very kinara which is why DUMB COMIC OF A THING THAT HAPPENS AT SOME POINT IN THE PLOT,,,,, [sweats] (there’s fic incoming at some point so ya ha ha ha ha)

I’ve been recruited for a special task! Even though it looks easy, in fact, easier than the task I was doing before, I’m told that it’s very important and that I’m the only one who can do it.

The boss came in one day and announced that he needed a special helper for something really important! Then he held his hand up to his brow as if he were a pioneer gazing out into the distance of some foreign land. He turned left and then right and then stopped on me.

Then he frowned.

“I don’t know…” he said, doubtfully.

And that made me so nervous!

“No!” I shouted. “Please! Please trust me! I can do it!”

“Well…Hmm….Okay, what the hell! Let’s try it out!”

Again, the only thing I can definitively say about the task is that it’s really, really easy and I’d probably feel insulted if I didn’t know how incredibly important it is. Also, I would probably doubt that it’s incredibly important if I wasn’t constantly told that despite what I might suspect, it’s incredibly important.

In this new role, I am isolated from others and even our lunch shifts are staggered, but if the main boss, my dad, ever calls the office, the supervisor is able to confirm that indeed I do still work there.

It’s a special task and only I can do it. But I guess if I didn’t do it for say…a week or so, nobody would probably even notice. In fact, I know that’s true. I haven’t done anything for a full month now and sure enough, nobody has noticed.

Through the grate I can see their feet. When a shoelace dangles through, I am quick to chew it off and swallow it. It is merely a nuisance at this point, but in time, they will notice and the occurrences will be elevated to the status of a mystery worth solving.

And by god, I hope they solve it!