Day 352 : Umleitung by Cluster from sowiesoso

Ambient Krautrock from the duo boys, just prior to their teaming with Brian Eno. Featuring a repetitive piano/bass/electric piano cycle, its gets all experimental with some tribal chanting/shouting/screaming half way through the track. The cycle keeps going throughout, breaking down to leave some cowbells and perscsuiuon. Dreamy man.

Serendipity : 10

Love : 6

Lookout Linkage, 2/12/15

News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league. Get ‘cha fresh hot links here! A’s first baseman Ike Davis claims to have been recovering from valley fever last year as a reason for why he struggled in 2014. Masahiro Tanaka is making good progress on recovering from an elbow injury. Brewers‘ catcher Jonathan Lucroy will miss 4-6 weeks with a hamstring injury. Alex Skillin takes a look at the brand new Padres roster crafted by new GM A.J. Preller. Grant Brisbee wonders which team will be the Padres of next offseason. Many people around baseball are still annoyed by the contract Max Scherzer received from the Nationals. A lot of bad/mediocre teams from last year are looking to contend this year. Grant Brisbee discusses each of these teams. Eno Sarris wonders if umpires in Japan discriminate against foreign players. A Marlins pitcher (probably not who you think) has a changeup pretty similar to that of King Felix’s, writes Jeff Sullivan. The Miami Marlins will host the 2017 All-Star Game (and you know what that means for the Home Run Derby). Much like the MLB, college baseball is finding new ways to improve offense.

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