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This goes out to all those BLACK people claiming ‪#‎TeamLightSkin‬ and ‪#‎TeamDarkSkin‬. First thing, whether your light skin or dark skin your still black. Secondly, some people may not be aware of this but the division between skin tones of black people is called Colorism.
A brief history of colorism, colorism can be traced back the times of slavery. There were two kinds of slaves, house slaves and field slaves. House slaves mostly worked in house and had lighter complexion because some were the masters off spring. While field slaves stayed in field and were treated worse than those slaves in the house.
So how does this all relate to today? Reading slavery documents, house slaves were said to sometimes look down on the field slaves. Even after slavery college campus, clubs, fraternities and sororities discriminated against darker skin people. Fast forward years later, to media’s over glorification of a lighter skin and darker skin people feeling under represented and you have this.
Thoughts and opinions are welcomed!

Rep team black! Fuck that team light skin vs team dark skin bull shit!

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The Black Star and Ghana Surf Team !!!!

by Pete Nardini

Yes, that’s right, there is a Ghana surf team and they are sponsored by Black Star! The Ghana surf team consisting of Charles, Clement and Peter have already competed in numerous surfing competition: several in Ghana and one in the Ivory Coast. 

These guys have come up on top in the Ghana contests. However, the competition in the Ivory Coast featured surfers from their home country as well as Senegal.  The Ghana team did not fair so well in the Ivory Coast but it was a wake up call for them to know that there are other African surfers out there and that can, for now, surf better then them!

Two of the three Ghana surf team work at Black Star and the other will join us once his English improves. The surf team is also sponsored by Culprit Surf (see picture) of which Black Star co-owner, Peter Nardini, is one of the founders. You can check out Culprit’s stuff and buy our products in the US on Ebay. We also sell a lot in surf shops in Portugal, Bali and New Zealand if you happen to live or be visiting one of these countries.

The surf team is also being sponsored by Squalo, the largest surf company in Mexico. Squalo will be teaming up with Black Star to open a new store in Accra, Ghana. Squalo has agreed to sponsor the Ghana surf team and will be providing them with surf boards, clothing, a small salary, and even some travel money. In this picture the guys are wearing Squalo hats and board shorts which were some of their first sponsor items. Black Star, Culprit Surf, and Squalo will be sponsoring an international surf contest in Ghana in 2011 so keep your eyes open for the dates. We will post the info here on this blog. Maybe the Ghana surf team will shine on their home turf, we will have to see!

The Ghana surf team is improving rapidly and we hope they will continue to improve so they can start holding their own against the Ivorians and Senegalese, and then later on the world stage. So if you see these guys out in the water let them know you support them in their quest to become the competitive surfers that they can be. The natural talent is there that is for sure. Go Ghana surf team !!!!!!!


This poem aired on CNN and is titled ‘Team Lightskinned’. It is presented by Kai Davis, Hiwot Adilow, and Telia Allmond.


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