• Furiosa and her team of badass feminist grad students are road-tripping to a women’s studies conference 
  • the conference is run by a bunch of grizzled old battle-hardened feminist scholar icons who are totally ready to hand over the reigns to these young fresh students
  • and then Max is a bedraggled philosophy professor who has smoked way too much weed in his lifetime and he’s going to a different conference at the same place, but his car breaks down on the way so he hitchhikes there with Furiosa and her team
  • Nux is Max’s assistant. Max didn’t want an assistant. He just kinda ended up with one. And he’s grumpy about it.
  • And Nux starts off as a bit of an MRA and he’s like ew a feminist conference. 
  • And he keeps trying to take notes on things Max is saying or trying to book things for them and he thinks he’s helpful but he’s NOT and Max just kinda tries to block him out
  • Until he finds his calling when he has a really enlightening conversation with Capable. And then he starts spouting stuff about the patriarchy to Max and he’s just like “DID YOU KNOW WOMEN’S CLOTHES DON’T HAVE POCKETS WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING”
  • And Max is just like *small thumbs up*
  • In the end, Max and Nux wind up ditching their philosophy conference and just tag along to the feminist one.