team rocket

Literally all you need to know
  • Team Rocket:is an actual gang that wants money with a hot dad for a boss
  • Team Aqua & Magma:environmental extremists with bosses that experience sexual tension 24/7
  • Team Galactic:literally tried to destroy the universe because old-looking boss is edgy
  • Team Plasma:PeTA with an ugly dad for a boss and a son who did nothing wrong
  • Team Flare:Mass genocide and nice suits
The most important in Pokémon XY...

Team Rocket is absolutely adorable in XY Series.

Jessie appears with painted nails and pink lipstick (disguised as Jessilee).

She is more and more gorgeous at every episode.

Wet hair.

50 Shades of Jessie.

Boob shots.

Crotch shots.

James showing his feelings for Jessie. <3


This hair and this goatee… OMG Jimmy, you’re so handsome!

“Bitch, please… I’m fabulous!”

Classic Motto.

The disguises are back.


Our favorite Blue Blob is back.

The lovely, charmy villains!

Mirror Team Rocket.

I can’t explain how much I love it!

Dorky faces.

I love these stupid scared expressions.

Look at these adorkable villains…

They’re together since ever, forever…

They’re very important to me!

And they make the Show. Just accept it, haters!