Chapter 1


  • CAIN

Exiting Grandpa’s favourite Italian restaurant, I looked up at him ready to tease him. “You’re getting old on me Grandpa.” I chuckled as we made our way to Dad’s car along with Mum and Dad. With eyes twinkling in the moonlight, he looked down at me lovingly. The lines on the corner of his eyes, caused by years of warm smiles and laughter, were evident as they creased. He looked anything but old, if it weren’t for his salt and pepper hair, you’d swear that he wasn’t a day over forty. Ah, you know how the saying goes. Black don’t crack. My dear old grandpa was the living proof. 

The moonlight shone lightly on his rich chocolate brown skin and softened the rugged angles on his face. “Oh hush little girl. I’m still young as ever.” He playfully nudged me and ruffled up my bone straight hair.

“If you call sixty young then sure old man!” I replied making us all laugh.

 Mum wrapped her arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer to her petite frame. “I have to agree with Cain dad, you’re getting old on us.” She chuckled, her pearly whites shinning as she joined in on the teasing. 

“Ay help me out Tom, they’re ganging up on me!” He called out to dad, who unlocked his black Lexus.

“Sorry pa, you’re on your own.” He laughed; his playful blue eyes pierced the night sky as he raised his hands in surrender. Grandpa and I climbed into the backseats while Dad helped mum in the passenger seat. He jogged around and got into the driver’s seat.

“Mum turn the radio on.” I asked mum as she was about to put her seatbelt on. She dropped it and reached over to turn the radio on. Rihanna’s vocals filled the car as Diamonds started playing. “Oh!” Mum and I exclaimed, we shared an excited look before we both started singing along, at the top of our lungs.

“Shine bright like a diamond,” we sang, Mum hitting the perfect notes while my voice on the other hand was completely off tune and on the verge of cracking.

“Oh god!” Dad groaned averting his eyes from the road to look at us. Not only did he utterly hate this song, he hated us singing it fifteen times a day. “Please st –

“Tom watch out!” Grandpa yelled, interrupting him. We all snapped our heads to the front to see a four ton pickup truck speeding towards us. Screams filled the car as Dad tried to swerve the car but it was too late. Grandpa wrapped his arms around me and before I knew it everything went pitch black


“AH!” I screamed shooting up from my bed. I struggled to open my eyes as the horrible images flashed in head nonstop. The blood, the bodies, the truck. I could see it all so vividly. When I finally managed to pry my eyes open, my eyes dragged all around the pitch black room, the only thing that could be heard was my heavy breath. A few seconds passed until my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, I started to recognise my surroundings. I was just in my small bedroom, I was safe.

I suddenly felt by body start to shake uncontrollably as tears trailed down my cheeks.  I wrapped my arms around my knees and started to rock back and forth, loud sobs escaped my mouth.

I hate this. I hate this so much.

After twenty minutes of sobbing, I finally got myself together. I wiped my face and pushed the comforters off my sweaty body. I need fresh air to cool down. Glancing over at my night stand, I read the red digits on my alarm. 3:09 AM

 I got off my bed and headed to the bathroom.

I hated having these nightmares. Everything was always so vivid, it feels real every time.  Relieving that horrible moment over and over was pure torture. I don’t need reminders of that night. My conscious won’t allow me to forget. Although it’s almost been a year the memories never cease leave my head. Lately more than usual, I guess it’s because the their death anniversary is nearing.

Twisting open the tap, I cupped my hands underneath it, filling them with cold water. I splashed the water onto my face hopping it would cool down. Looking up into the mirror, I could barely recognise myself. The person staring back at me had an empty, dead look in her eyes. My face was clear of all make up which caused me to look pale and sick.

Walking back out, I headed straight to my closet and slipped on the first few items I saw which was a pair of sweats and an over sized hoodie. I walked over to my desk and grabbed my spray cans; I shoved them in my black backpack and excited my bedroom. I was feeling the urge to paint. It’s not like I’m going to sleep anytime soon so I might as well take a little trip to my wall a couple of streets away.

As I was about to leave, my roommate stumbled into our tiny two bedroom apartment, borderline drunk. She clearly just came back from a late night of partying and like every other night she brought back a random french guy who by the looks of it, was also drunk.  

“Oh bonjour Cain, attend non non, bonne nuit ?” (Good day Cain, wait no, no good night?) Claire giggles hopping on a foot trying to get her heels off. “t-toute de f-faite, que faites-tu  réveillée?” (Anyways what are you doing up?) She asked pointing at me trying to muster up a stern face before she burst out laughing along with her boy toy for the night. Claire always treated me like a child, I never went out to party with her so she jokes about by treating me like a baby.

“Rien, en fait je part.” (Nothing, in fact I’m leaving) I replied pushing past them, running down the stairs and exiting the apartment complex.

The cold autumn wind smacked me in the face as soon as I stepped out of the building. I closed my eyes for a second basking in the feeling of the wind hitting my face, refreshing me. Taking a deep breath, I shoved my already cold hands in the pockets of my hood and mentally wished that I grabbed a jacket on the way. It’s only autumn in Paris and it was already freezing cold, I can only dread how cold it will be in a few months. 

Walking down the narrow streets of Paris, I made my way towards my usual destination, I always go to this wall by my house to spray paint whenever I can’t sleep. It’s such a stress reliever; it helps me keep my mind off the haunting flashbacks and nightmares.

Making a sharp turn, I walked down an alleyway between these two cream coloured buildings. I suddenly got a weird feeling, like someone was staring at me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, settling an uneasy feeling in my gut. In the corner of my eyes I saw a shadow flash by. I snapped my head to my left but nothing caught my eye. I stood there for a couple of seconds, looking around but there was nothing. I dropped my shoulders and carried on walking. No one is ever around here at this time of night so I doubt it was anything. It was probably just a random stray cat roaming around in search of something to eat.

Reaching my wall, I took off my backpack, took one of my cans and released. I started spray painting everything that was on my mind, I let my emotions free. I let my hand glide and express.

Once I was done I stared and admired my final piece. 

“Nice.” A husky voice spoke starling me. I turned around in a panic to see strange a man standing behind me, smirking down at me. He was dressed in all black, his cold grey eyes piercing through mine. I open my mouth ready to scream but at the speed of light, he was behind me and wrapped an arm around my arms, preventing me to move, and covered my nose and mouth with a white cloth.

The last thing I heard was his voice telling me to go to sleep before black spots filled my vision and everything went black. 



“Passports s’il vous plait.” A middle aged white man identified as a border guard asked. He eyed me down, standing firm, trying to appear intimidating. I shook my head, holding back my chuckles. Opening the glove compartment, I retrieved our fake passports before handing it over to him.

We’ve finally reached the border of France, we had about two hours and a half left until we reach our destination. I glanced over at a sleeping Cain only to look back over at the border guard.  Cain will wake any minute now and this beer belly having ass man was taking his sweet ass time checking our documents.

I could tell he was hesitant, he had no reason though. They looked legit as fuck. There’s no way he’s able to tell that they’re fake. They’re government made. He’s just being a racist asshole, the only reason he’s  taking his sweet as time is because we’re black. 

“C’est votre femme?” (Is that your wife?) He asked bending his head to get a closer look.

“Oui.” I replied briefly. Cain started to stir, indicating that the chloroform had finally worn off.


She flickered her eyes open and started to look around confusedly.

Placing my tattooed hand on her thigh, I smiled down at her and said, “Voici ma Cherie,” (There goes my baby) she slightly tensed up a bit, however her lips remained closed nonetheless, still confused.

“Bon, vous pouvez passer.” The guard finally said passing me back our papers. Without wasting any more time, I pulled off and finally headed out of France.

A few minutes passed before she finally spoke, “What? Where am I?” She questioned looking around. Once her gaze landed on me, her eyes widened in panic. “Who are you?!” She yelled, “Help! Someone help me!” She screamed banging on the passenger side’s window.

It was too late though, we had long passed border control and we were way out of ear shot.

“No use in screaming, they can’t hear you anymore.” I smirked wickedly, not helping one bit. I quickly glancing over at her, to see tears spilling down her cheeks as she began to hyperventilate. She tried to open the passenger’s door but to no avail, I put the child lock on.

I sighed, now feeling like a dick. I shouldn’t be scaring her like this, she probably thinks I’m a serial killer or a rapist. Killing? Yeah I do that but raping isn’t really my style.

“Look, calm down. I’m not going to hur–” before I could finish my sentence she socked me right in my face, busting my lip. Shocked, I lost control of the car for a split second causing it to swerve.

“Yo calm the fuck down!” I yelled, getting control of the car again. She ignored me and continued to hit me. She dug her long as nails into my skin, tearing it. I tried to shake her off but she just kept scratching the shit out of me. It took everything in me not to hit her ass.

“Let me out you Psycho! Let me out!”She screamed loudly. Taking my right hand of the steering wheel, I used my index and middle finger to press on the pressure point on her neck, instantly knocking her out. 

Silence at last.