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STPMJ - Invisible Barn (2014)

Seung Teak Lee and Mi Jung Lim of New York-based practice STPMJ have designed an “Invisible Barn”, a project that was awarded a notable entry for “Folly 2014” – a competition led by The Architectural League and Socrates Sculpture Park. The contest invites young and emerging designers to propose contemporary interpretations of the architectural folly, traditionally seen as a small-scale building or pavilion positioned within a garden or landscape.

via Designboom

The debris fireball and aurora created by the Hardtack Teak test

HARDTACK-Teak was an exoatmospheric high altitude nuclear weapon test performed during Operation Hardtack I. On 1 August 1958, the 3.8 Mt shot detonated at an altitude of 76.8 km. Teak caused communications impairment over a widespread area in the Pacific basin. This was due to the injection of a large quantity of fission debris into the ionosphere. The debris prevented normal ionospheric reflection of high-frequency (HF) radio waves back towards Earth, which disrupted most long-distance HF radio communications.

While an atmospheric nuclear explosion has a characteristic mushroom-shaped cloud, high-altitude and space explosions tend to manifest a spherical ‘cloud,’ reminiscent of other space-based explosions until distorted by Earth’s magnetic field, and the charged particles resulting from the blast can cross hemispheres to create an auroral display which has led documentary maker Peter Kuran to characterize these detonations as ‘the rainbow bombs’. The visual effects of a high-altitude or space-based explosion may last longer than atmospheric tests, sometimes in excess of 30 minutes.


Stairs Updated.If any of my items causes any problems in your game please let me know

Random Stuff & Updates

Updated items include.

Kayu Teak Dining table & Bench -Bench now works as Dining Chair, Table is now 3x1.

Tolix Marais A’ Chair- Fix issue were sim would sit behind chair.

Eames Chair- Doesnt disappear when sim sit on it.

Rustic Bedroom end table- Updated specular,Doesnt have weird overlay when you put shiny material on it.

Neil Loft Inside Rail 1&2- Updated Normals.( you probably wont notice)

New Objects Include

Neil Loft Stairs and Rail

Modular Shelving Inspired by Awesims Industrial Shelves.

Slanted & Straight Columns ( Used a 2048x2048 map so thats why the file size is big)

I added a house
because I get requests to download the houses I use to take pics of my items.Its empty but I decorated a bit more than I usually do on the exterior.I forgot to add the grass with the download so You can download The Grass Here. You will need Aurora Skies for the Fence.

Download the Set Here


Next House coming Soon!