Teafase your ask box does not work and I don’t think my fanmail sent but yeah I dig your idea and I’m gonna look into how much it would cost ‘aight?


We saw this at Anime North years ago and now the full thing is on youtube.

… everyone should watch this. It is by far the worst anime movie in existence, but it is sooo funny. Seriously. just watch the first 5 minutes. you will dye. 


… I found these pictures of myself while cleaning out a folder on my laptop… I don’t think I have many pictures where I don’t look like a complete derp. Whateves. 

School has made me poor.

Eating has made me poor.

Rent has made me poor.

Although school is super busy, I know I need to look for a small part time job for extra money so I can get by.

Once said job is acquired … PS4 will make me poor.