The Rory Story (Part 7)

Prompt: Rory brings Gail + Holly to school for show and tell and gets into a fight over another kid talking about Gail + Holly (I deviated from the prompt a little, I hope the person who prompted this still enjoys it!)

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‘Mama Mama Mama!’ Rory exclaims as he spots Holly waiting for him outside school one day. ‘Hi Baby, sounds like you’re in great form, did you have fun at school?’ ‘Mama, next week we have to bring our parents to school to talk about their jobs!’ ‘Oh and let me guess, you want to bring Gail?’ Holly asks, still a little bitter about the whole Bring Your Child to Work day debacle almost 3 years earlier. ‘What? No, I want you to come…and Gail as well! Can you both come together?’ ‘Oh, Ok Ro I think we can manage that, when is it exactly?’ Next Wednesday at 12 o’clock’ ‘Ok little man, you’ll have to ask Gail as well but I’m sure it won’t be a problem’.

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Do you ever see someone with the most perfect beard and theyre tall and perfect looking and youre just like damn

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hi i'm in my last yr of school and i was just wondering because your in uni and everything do you have any advice about school or uni or just life?

I don’t know much about anything, really, but the thing I know for certain is that the last year of school is sort of like the colour black - it’s absent of all colour and life and it generally sucks so much that most of the time your crying or having nervous breakdowns or eating too much but it’s just a slice of your life - you’ll probably live past your 40s and in contrast, this is only a few months of your life. It’s temporary, like everything else, and although it might seem like the last year is suffocating you, enjoy it. That sounds crazy to say - ‘enjoy all the pain and suffering that comes with exams and mounting pressure and waiting acceptance into the University of your choice’ - but the one thing I’ve found now being a University student and being responsible for myself is that High School is the last place that you’re treated like a child. And being treated like a child isn’t a particularly great thing, and it’s not a particularly bad thing, but it means you don’t have to worry about bills or debt or fuel or rent or anything thats remotely grown up. So enjoy being treated like a child, because this is the last time in your life anyone will treat you like one. Once you get to Uni, the professors don’t give a flying fuck whether you show up or not. It’s your responsibility to buy books, and arrive on time, and make certain payments and that is the most stressful bullshit I’ve had to deal with - more so than the hardest exams or the pressure of choosing a career when I was a only fifteen. 

Uni’s not everything people make it out to be. It’s stressful and boring and complete bullshit at the same time. The experience that most Americans movies broadcast is completely irrelevant to my country, so I went in expecting it to be something amazing and it just … isn’t. Most of the people who enroll in a course end up dropping out three weeks into it. So if you are unhappy in your course, get out quickly. Don’t waste your time doing something you hate because although it may get you a job, it won’t get you any fulfilment. 

And life? I don’t really much about that. I would travel as much as you possibly can. Fuck Uni, go travel. I went to India this year, and it was so so so amazing and I feel like a different person because I got to go to a country which is so diverse and so culturally beautiful and it sounds really cliche but observing how other people live will teach you more than 12 years of school. I’m deferring a semester of Uni next year because I’m going to like 17 countries in Europe, and Egypt and I’m so fucking excited you have no idea. I’d rather travel and have experiences than pass a class, which is the honest truth. Go have a life, go live - I spent all of High School perfecting my grades and I have not had one ounce of the experiences i should have had. 

I know this may be hard, but don’t worry about life so much. Awful things will happen, and you’ll have to deal with them. Life sucks because it’s meant to suck. But you can’t control it, you can’t control if you’ll get a job or if you’ll be successful or if you pay off your debts. You can’t control anything, really, and all you can do is just think of the fact that everything’s temporary. One day, you could be depressed and without a job, and a year later you could be in love and have the job you always wanted. 

But idk don’t listen to me I’m just a kid still and I can’t understand simple Algebra so please go read some John Green or Stephen Chbosky book I’m sure you’ll have all the metaphorical bullshit you can ever need. 

"But really. Thank you, though," Niall murmured.

"For?" Zayn asked.

"For fucking me like that. I admit I asked for it, so," he shrugged, "yeah, thanks."

"It was my pleasure, love," Zayn nodded. Niall laughed at his remark, at how literal he meant it.

"I love you," he responded wiping his mouth with his hand. "I love you, too. And thank you, though."

"For what?"

"For everything else."

Written By: venividivici

chaptered + highschool/au + student!teacher

Note: This ripped my heart out, oh my god. The summary makes it seem like it’s nothing serious but sweet jesus christ, don’t let that fool you.

- Chris

today in english my teacher said “you know the phrase you complete me? you know what i think about it? no. that’s what i think. no one completes you. you complete yourself. you make yourself whole and then you allow yourself to be loved. you have to feel complete on your own before you let someone into your life like that” and i don’t know why i’m sharing this i guess it just really resonated with me

omg today in my school, my teacher screamed angry my name. and i was so afraid. omg haha and then i went to him and then he smiled and said: “happy birthday jessie” haha. and two other teachers were there (all my fav teachers) and they all congratulated me. haha. and my class congratulated me. and omg. last year everyone had forget my birthday… i’m so happy about that :3