calumxhoood asked:

Hey :D

HEY, YOU! we became mutuals just recently i think omg i used to see your edits on my dash quite a lot and i was like well.,,,.,,, i really need this on my dash bc they’re so so amazing. TEACH ME HOW TO PHOTOSHOP. you’re so stunning! YOU’RE SUCH A CUTIE AND I LOV EYOUR NAME. lana. that’s so cute. LANA OMG. i hope we can talk soon, i’d really love to do that! :—)

send me ‘hey’ and i’ll say nice things about you :-)

hoodzer asked:

HEY ;>

um i’m guessing this was for that hey thingy i did the other day so yeah

veronica you’re like the sweetest person ever i’m honestly so glad we’re friends bc i know i can talk to you about anything. it’s always nice to have a chat with you! pls you love wrapped around your finger as much as i do so vero, you’re so important omg. WILL YOU EVER TEACH ME HOW TO PHOTOSHOP? every single edit you post makes me so sad bc i whish i was as good as you are when it comes to photoshop rip me oh and please, you’re a mega cutie! vero, you’re so so gorgeous how are you even real?? i love you loads <3

anonymous asked:

18, agender, 5'1, blue eyes, brown hair, I like drawing and photoshoping the shit outta stuff. also we'd prolly just chill and watch animated movies.

omggg yes date me pls i love animated movies nd teach me how to photoshop shit

anonymous asked:

ayyyy i see you changed your icon you and achillhes aren't the same anymore! anyway, it's really pretty i really love it :)

omg yeah! hey achillhes i dont have your icon anymore lol 

but omg thANK yOU the absolutely lovely jaredpadaleckis made it i sob over it on a daily basis pls teach me how to photoshop mar u can be the photoshop master i will be ur young padavan