To all of you John Wayne wannabe douchewagons who think you need guns to protect us all from tyranny:
I would love to see any one of you have a go at the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, CIA, FBI, ATF, Border Patrol et al with their tanks, unmanned aerial drone, Hellfire missiles, Apache helicopters, F18s, B2 bombers and armored Hummers with 50 caliber roof-mounted fully automatic machine guns etc. with whatever you have in your gun cabinets. That is a stupid, antiquated argument that makes as much sense as trying to put out a fucking firestorm with a thimble full of water, you delusional lunatics.

Duchess St. Rollins

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Hey, guys…it’s Leonidas! Leonidas has arrived on a very uncooperative horse to tell us to get rid of Obama. This Teabilly, posing as the hero of SPARTAAAAA, explains that he has come from the past to save America…from Obummer.

Watch This Teabagging Imbecile On a Horse Show Us Why Bath Salts Are Bad!