Ok but what if it takes a while in the mornings for Eggsy to boot up his cocky charm? What if Harry is chipper right after waking up and Eggsy is the grumpy cat who just needs a cup of coffee and a quiet corner for an hour until he can deal with the world?
Imagine him getting up before Harry so he can just be by himself for a while and then Harry wakes up earlier than he should have and finds him with a fond smile, presses a kiss to his forhead and says “good morning, darling” and Eggsy just grumbles something in return and curls up even more and Harry loves him like this–loves to see him be raw and genuine and grumpy.
So Harry just leaves him to it, putters around the kitchen, makes himself a cup of tea and some toast, sits down at the kitchen table to read the morning paper that’s been delivered to his doorstep, maybe check his emails.
And by the time he’s rinsing the dishes in the sink Eggsy is ready to come out of his shell and he walks up to the man and hugs him from behind, buring his face between Harry’s shoulderblades and just basks in his warmth for a minute. And Harry loves that part the most.

Be With Me So Happily. Chapter 57

After your fun filled birthday weekend in Vegas, you and Harry are now back in LA. 

“Harry.” You whisper rubbing his back. “I brought you some tea and some toast.” You whisper. 

“Hm.” He mumbles looking over at you. 

“Tea and toast.” You smile pointing to the side table. “And I brought you some medicine.” You say. 

“How did you know I was feeling well?” He mumbles sitting up a bit in the bed. 

“You’ve been coughing and sniffling all night.” You say. 

“Oh, sorry.” He sighs taking the tea. 

“It’s okay.” you say. “I don’t think you have  a fever, so it’s probably just a small cold or allergies.” you say. 

“Whatever it is, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.” He mumbles sipping the tea. 

“Well, good thing you don’t have anything to do today, so you can rest.” You say. 

“Are you going to be my nurse?” He smirks over at you. “Are you going to take care of me all day?” 

“Yes, I am.” You say rolling your eyes. “But no need to dirty minded about it.” You say. “Even when you’re sick, you’re horny.” You say.

He shrugs, smirking, before finishing his tea and grabbing the toast. 

“After you eat, you should take your medicine and then get some more rest.” you say. 

“If I’m sleeping, then what are you going to do?” He asks leaning back against the headboard. 

“I’ll probably get some writing done. I’ve written in a while, trying to give myself a break for a bit, but I miss it, so I might go outside or something and write.” you say. He nods finishing his toast, while you hand him his medicine. 

“There.” You smile. “Do you need anything else?” You ask. 

“Maybe some water.” He says. “To have in case I need it. Oh, and some tissues.” He says. “And then maybe when you come back, you can tuck me in.” He smiles. You giggle. 

“Okay. I’ll be right back.” You say before heading downstairs getting a glass of water and some tissues before placing it on the table. You lean over Harry fluffing the pillows and wrapping the blanket around him. You see him smirking and you look at him. “What?” You ask. 

“Nothing.” He says innocently, but you follow his gaze and notice that he’s looking down your shirt. 

“You’re such a guy.” You laugh shaking your head. “Now, get some rest.” You say. 

“But what if I don’t want too.” He pouts. 

“Hmm. Well, if you don’t rest, you’ll be sick longer and the longer you’re sick, the longer you go without having me.” You smirk at him. 

“I’m going to sleep!” he says closing his eyes quickly. You laugh shaking your head before kissing his head and leaving him to rest


“Oh, hey, David.” You smile answering your phone. “How have you been?” You ask. 

“I’ve been doing well. How are you?” He asks. 

“Good. Harry’s sick right now, so we’re just sort of hanging out at the house till he gets better.” You say. 

“Oh, nothing too serious?” He asks. 

“No. I think it’s just a cold or something.” You say. “So, what’s up?” You ask. 

“Well, I just spoke with Marie and the outcome of the book is looking really good.” He smiles. “She expects us to back in New York really soon.” 

“Oh, wow. Yeah, I remember her saying it wouldn’t be too long now.” You say. “So, do you know if there needs to be a lot of changes or anything?” you ask. 

“I know she said something, along the lines that everyone wished that Chapter 8-10 were a bit more detailed in what was going on and that we needed to add a bit more conflict towards the end of the book.” He says. “But that’s all that I know of. I’ve actually been writing down some ideas to maybe help with those. I can send them to you, so you can look over them if you would like.” He says. 

“Yeah, that would be great. You still have my email right?” You ask. 

“Yeah. I do. I’ll send it after we get off the phone.” He says.

“Awesome.” You smile. You look up and see Harry walking down the stairs. “Oh, hey, David, I gotta go. Harry needs something. I’ll touch back with you after I look at email, okay?” you say. 

“Alrighty.” He says. “Bye, Y/N.” He says. You smile hanging up and looking over at Harry. 

“What are you doing out of bed?” You ask. 

“I’m hungry.” He yawns. “I’ll called for you, but you didn’t answer.” He says. “Now, I know you were on the phone,” He says. 

‘Oh, sorry.” You say. “David called to let me know he spoke with Marie. All the feedback is almost in, so we’ll probably be headed back to New York soon.” You say. 

“Oh.” He says. You nod. 

“So, what would you like for lunch? Soup?” you ask. “I can order some to be delivered or I can go get some.” You say. 

“No. Um. Don’t worry about it. I’m actually not that hungry now.” He says before walking upstairs. 


It was about an hour later, after you decided to go and get soup for you and Harry anyway, that you take it upstairs, once you’re home. You see Harry sitting up in bed, on his phone. 

“Hey. I know you said you weren’t hungry, but uh, I went got some soup for you.” You say. 

“Oh, uh, thanks.” He says looking over at you. You smile bringing it over to him and setting up the bed tray for him. 

“How are you feeling?” you ask. He shrugs slowly eating the soup. “Do you feel worse?” You ask. 

“Not really.” he says. 

“Are you sure? Ever since earlier you seem different.” you say. “Does it have to do with the fact that I was on the phone with David?” you ask. “Because you said you weren’t jealous of him-”

“It’s not because of him. It’s not because I’m jealous or whatever.” He says. “I just- hearing you talk about New York, reminds me that soon you’ll be going back and I’ll be going back on tour.” he sighs. “Meaning, we’ll be apart again.” He sighs. “I just, I love having us together. I love going to bed with you and waking up next to you. I love cooking breakfast with you and just being with you. Especially after everything we went through a few weeks ago. I feel like we’re so much stronger and that I love you so much more, so it’s a bit sad knowing that we’re practically counting down our days until we’re apart again.” He says.

You sigh sitting next to him. 

“I know what you mean. A part of me is excited and happy to go to New York again because that means I’m one step closer to getting my book out there, but then a bigger part of me, is upset because I’ll be away from you.” You say. “But like you said, we’re stronger then we’ve ever been.” You say. “And I think that right there is why it will be okay that we’re apart for a bit.” you say. “And then when we’re back together, it will be so special.” You say. 

“Yeah. I guess it would be good for us to have a little time apart.” He says. “But I’ll still hate it.” He whispers looking over at you. 

“Me too.” You whisper. “But we still have at least a few more weeks, so let’s just spend them together.” You whisper. 

He smiles leaning over to kiss you, but you smirk moving away. 

“Why?” He whines. 

“You’re sick.” You giggle. “You don’t want me to be sick, do you?” You say. 

“No. But not even a quick peck?” He pouts. You giggle shaking your head. “Fine.” He says. “But I expect to be able to make up for the lack of kissing once I’m well.” He says to you. 

“Oh, yes, there will be lots to make up for.” You say. “Now, eat your soup!” You smirk. He laughs before you both go back to eating your soup and then falling asleep together. 

Breakfast by Lisa
Via Flickr:
toast served with sour cream and homemade jasmine tea peach preserves 3 lbs peach + 1.5 c sugar + 1T lemon juice + 2T jasmine tea + 40-45 minutes = jasmine tea peach preserves add tea(wrap loose leaves in a small cheesecloth bag or use a tea strainer) or tea bags for the last 10 minutes of cooking.