My birthday /day 2:
Went to the Japanese tea garden to cleanse our unholy souls n stuff. Then Headed over to the California science center thingy place and spent a good minority of the day because science. Driving around SF is a huge pain in the dick, especially around rush hour. There’s no such thing as parking so we headed over to the muir woods to hike and be one with nature and stuff. I really can’t wait to go back tomorrow to the woods and do a full hour and a half hike. Just made it back go the hotel, don’t know if we are gonna get drunk because it’s been a long day of cool stuff and if rather not be hungover and go hike at muir woods so…

Btw I saw five deers today while in the muir woods. Cute lil critters. Oh and I saw two banana slugs and one skunk lurking in the woods.