Love does not mean drowning in your want for another person.
Love is not killing yourself emotionally in order to save them.
Love is not an “I need you” nor is it a “you need me”.
Love does not mean placing your well being and happiness on another human being.
Love is not the number of hours you spend talking on the phone at night or the amount of times you see eachother throughout the week.

Love is kindness. It is an action word. And that is why when people say “you can’t love anyone until you love yourself” they mean if you don’t know how to treat yourself out of kindness and understanding, the one person who will be with you your whole life time, how are you going to do that for someone else?

Love is trust. It is not knowing where they are at this second and being okay with that.

Love is understanding. It is being able to be heard and having the ability to hear. It is setting boundaries with one another and adhereing to them (rationally).

I’m sick of hearing these poems and quotes that make me sick to my stomach. Love never means hurting yourself in order to stay in a relationship or make them happy. You deserve to be happy. Alone or not.

Love will not save you. (sorry)