Catchy Cartoon Themes Cartoon of the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s

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A small portion of different cartoon themes, in no particular order.

This mix has a feeling of the nostalgia of late 1990s and early 2000s, but has a handful of cartoons from the current decade.

I small mix I made to say thank you for my almost-200 followers ^-^

You guys are so nice and give me such a great support! I won’t be active next week because of traveling, but I hope to complete my Theresa Fowler and Cartoon Rompus mixes when I come back :3

  • Radio host:Ight Iggy go on and spit some fire for us
  • Iggy:...
  • Iggy:Dear mom and dad, I'm doing fine
  • You guys are on my mind
  • You asked me what I wanted to be
  • And now I think the answer is plain to see
  • I want to be famous
  • I want to live close to the sun
  • Well, pack your bags cause I've already won.
  • Everything to prove nothing in my way
  • I'll get there one day
  • Cause I want to be famous

I recently started watching Total Drama Island and World Tour. I really enjoyed it but I didn’t care for the newer seasons with new contestants.

What we have here are the original Total Drama ladies (+ Sierra).

I drew the lines out traditionally and normally I do a fair bit of editing to get the lines even since I don’t have a scanner and I have to resort to photographing my lineart but in this case I liked the gradient.


You could say TDI was a… blast. 😎 #gunsofinstagram #mp5 #whatrecoil