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anonymous asked:

I was playing destiny today as usual, and i got to thinking: should there be random mini bosses or secret bosses ect. That you can fight while on patrol? Not counting the Hive majors that spawn with the Dark below in the Cosmodrome.

That would be pretty fun imo. I know for a fact there was a secret miniboss on Earth before TDB came out. If you went down to Rasputin’s bunker without the DLC you could fight a Celebrant of Oryx.

There’s also a Fallen one on Earth. If you pick up a Kill the Target Patrol mission, you have a chance of running into Karrhis, who is the replacement for the Devil Archon you kill in the beginning of the game.

suburbansludgehead asked:

You like Against Me! too? What's your favorite album from them? :3

hm.. I like them all a whole bunch. I probably listen to TDB the most, but only because it’s so short and catchy.

I also really enjoy their first 2, and White Crosses a lot. New Wave is probably my least played, but I still really like it. I dunno, I’m kinda a fangirl so it’s hard to pick :O