A misterious katana from unknown source, none knows who made it, but what everyone knows is that it drains the life of the one who dares to weild it.

So I came up with a design of Winged weapon for TDB (Shown bellow)

It looks like a normal Masamune, but works very diferent. It drains the life of those who weild it, by using their blood as power, but those who can control it, can unleash the fearsome power that it’s within. Once they did it, A rose blossoms from the thorns (EX mode), making the steel glow in a dark and the handgrip red.

Legends tell that contains all those souls of the people who ended up being consumed by the sword, no less, it can take yours aswell. The red glow on the handgrip it’s the link between the wilder, and the sword itself. Those who make it glow red, are the choosen ones for it.

Title: The Devil’s Backbone
Summary: AU in which Kenny finds Levi and Mikasa at the same time and decides to take them both under his wing, as they fight to survive.
Pairings: Platonic Levi/Mikasa
Rating: M for future violence
Notes: There have been changes to the ages, as well as canon events.


“If you move,” she says, voicing rasping, “I’ll cut your throat open.”

He laughs. Kenny Ackerman laughs with yellowed teeth and crinkling eyes, one hand pressed against the top of his hat.

“Not with a shit stance like that you won’t.”

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Anon2 here - It's all about the chemistry irl. You see Tom and Tilda and you think yes! Perfect. Not even in a sexual way but they look like two halves. They can look like one. Tom and Mia, no. I just don't see them as one. They simply don't fit. Him and Jessica fit better but still not perfect either. Does this make any sense? Not saying that this will ruin slight portion of the film but couple-vise it won't beel like OLLA or TDBS felt.

Thank you, dear anon. :) It absolutely makes sense. I just wouldn’t go so far at this moment. That would be too early for me after one trailer. :)

 I really don’t want to base it on chemistry in reallife. It’s obviously true for Tilda and Tom, who just seem like really good friends in reallife and they have this familarity that they also have in the movie. If I think of the pictures from the Baftas 2012 they had it even before filming began.

Yet there are a lot of people who are close in reallife and have shitty chemistry on screen, while the opposite is also true.

I really don’t want to go so far as to talk about the chemistry in the movie, as we haven’t seen it yet or their relationship there.

I can’t say if it is the missing chemistry on screen between Tom and Mia or if it is the directing or even just the editing for the trailer (which could be deliberate for some reasons unknown to us at this point.) So far it just looks very Hollywood. :)

(Acting rule 1: How to kiss someone open mouthed and look like you are eating them alive with having the least possible skin contact and keeping the tongue from entering any action. I’m not talking about the shy Edith here. I wouldn’t expect anything else from her here.)

Scorpion search list

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Promotional photos, BTS media,  messages, interviews, events: s_01

Various gifs: all of them - Elyes/Walter in every eps of s01

( A/N: 1x14 = Forget me nots /// 1x15 = Charades )

Season 2
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So you go according to time, not solely according to chapters?

I have both! General timelines with specific events that I want to have happen and then I have all of the chapters outlined. though lol WS and TDB so didn’t stick to their outlines for chapters since they both went over the chapter limit I thought they’d have. 

Forever Changed is sticking pretty well. It’s maybe off by one, but it also has a much more detailed timeline because of the past and present stuff that’s all intermingled. 

Loving you is scary
Even though I know you love me fully and faithfully
Loving you is scary because it’s what I’ve been told to believe
I’ve been told they’ll love you and leave you without even feeling you
Feeling you hurt
Feeling you love
Feeling you breathe
Loving you is scary because I know that if you’ll leave me It might just break my heart just enough that I might never be able to breathe again
Loving you is scary because my insecurities make it scary
My insecurities make it scary because I don’t know what to believe
Should I believe the words you speak or the words my brain speaks to me
Loving you is scary because you don’t know how much you mean to me
Loving you is scary because loving you comes easy


LOOKING FOR: Destiny Fireteam

I am a level 30 Warlock who likes long walks on the Forgotten Shore and adventuring for public events. I am a current solo player with all the DLC up to date and 4 exotics - Obsidian Mind, Voidfang Vestments, Bad Juju and Super Good Advice. 

Because of the state of my casual play I have yet to complete either raid. You can normally find me running my bounties into the ground or matchmaking Strike Playlists Roc and (now) Dragon. I specialized in the Void, and favor Scout and Pulse Rifles as a Primary, Sniper Rifles as a Secondary and Machine Guns as a Heavy.

I am looking for a casual group to Raid with for the (almost) first time but primarily looking for a team to grind out Roc and Dragon strikes, rock the Nightfall and kick ass in the Prison of Elders.

I am Canadian on Pacific Standard Time with 2-3 free nights a week and always available Sundays. Chat ready with good internet and a PS4.

Send me a message here or email/iMessage me at 

Current armor build and Strike Stats under cut.

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How far in advance do you write? I've always been impressed with how intricate the plots were for both TDB and WS.

WELL. Wicked Schemes had at least 3 chapters already written before I got the nerve to actually post it. The Devil’s Backbone was one chapter ahead at one point but then I got sick and it was just write as I go. Though I always plot out everything in advance. Little things might change but the basic plot really doesn’t. 

Except for WtLOR. I had no clue what I was doing with that at first but now I’ve got a plot created for it so its going better.

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