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What will happen when Haise gets his memories back? Will he still think of Arima and Akira as his "parents" or not? Will he leave the quinx squad? Will he go back to his old nakama and take the squad with him?

Well, I don’t know for sure ‘what will happen’, but I’ll just speculate…

I’d first like to point out that Kaneki / Haise never once hated the CCG no matter what the circumstances were. And that I don’t think Kaneki / Haise would hate Arima for what he did to him (ie penetrating him).

Plus we know that Haise has developed close ties with Arima and Akira during his 3 years with them, and deeply trusts them. He’s also aware that if he goes out of control Arima / CCG will deal with him, and he accepts that.

I don’t think Haise will stop thinking of Arima and Akira as his ‘parents’. He trusts them too much for that. Ties can’t be cut off so easily.

However, he might be compelled to leave the Qs / CCG because he might think he needs to meet his old friends or something. I don’t think he’ll take the squad with him because I doubt the squad will agree with that.

The CCG might see it as some sort of betrayal if he leaves to find his ghoul friends though.

(When this is probably going to be the climax of the story I can feel it)

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Why is Hinami with aogiri? She can just stay in the cafe with touka and yomo but why did she choose a bad organisation over her onee-chan

Unfortunately, I think she wants to be and helpful. Eto gave Hinami her namecard saying she could give her advice.

Hinami wants to be useful and save her oniichan. She doesn’t want to just sit still and be protected. But I suspect she might not understand fully what kind of organisation Aogiri is (Touka and Kaneki might not have told her very much about it) and Eto can be rather convincing with her words.

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I see a lot of people commplaining about romance in TG but it's not like there was no romance before. Nishio and Kimi, for example. Of course them being not main characters it wasn't front and central but still there. Banjou in love/charmed by Rize, several backstories about love. And every mention was beautifully incorporated into the plot of what was, so far, much darker themed. I think a story of a ghoul and half-ghoul where there are feelings in question could be awesome and not stand out.

Yes, I think it’s good the way Ishida-sensei writes it. It isn’t lovey dovey shoujo romance. 

It might just be just bits and pieces that isn’t the focus of the story, but it’s still deep and expressive. I guess it’s just how you look at it. I think the relationships in TG are pretty well written, and I’d like it to remain that way.

Unfortunately, given TG is a dark, serious seinen series, we shouldn’t really hope for much sweet romance involving characters being on dates or kissing or anything like that especially if it’s not going to be related to the plot. (And I’d get worried because I wonder if it’s a plot device for more tragedy.)