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A Bank Uses Its ‘ATMs’ To Say Thanks To Regular Customers In The Most Personalized and Heartfelt Way

Yup, you got a grown man ballin’.  Beautiful :)

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[image description: a protest poster. the top half of the poster has the rainbow pride flag while the bottom half is white. on the fourth stripe of the pride flag, which is the green stripe, there is a TD Bank logo beside text. 

Proudly supporting profit
Proudly supporting capitalism
Proudly supporting queerbaiting
Proudly supporting pinkwashing
Proudly supporting heteronormativity
Proudly supporting shareholders
Keep pride political. Not profitable.

Above the last sentence of text there is a small symbol of a unicorn. end description.]

we would also add “Proudly supporting homonormativity” to this list.

TD Bank and overdraft fees

Apparently TD Bank decided it’s okay to hit customers with overdraft fees without regard to whether there is an actual overdraft.1 Or whether the account balance ever goes close to zero.

It’s no surprise that a bank would reorder transactions to reap extra fees—but this one is a new one. Here’s how it seems to work.

  1. Your account has $800 in it to begin with.
  2. You deposit a check for $2,000. This triggers an automatic hold for all but the first $100.
  3. TD structures this hold as a $2,000 deposit and a (presumably temporary) $1,900 debit.
  4. TD orders these transactions so the debit goes first. So for a moment your account is $1,100 overdrawn.
  5. You are then charged a $35 overdraft fee because your account dipped below zero.2

On the upside, if you don’t mind waiting on hold for a while TD has lovely customer service reps available at all hours. The representative was, of course, unable to determine why the fee had been assessed. I was told the fee would be reversed as a “one time courtesy.” Then I was given advice on how to avoid “overdrawing my account in the future.” I was not amused.

How many people wouldn’t have challenged the bogus fee? Is this negligence or something more deliberate?

  1. When making appropriately tagged posts about large companies on the Internet, I assume there’s likely a social media intern or something who reads it. If TD Bank tells me that I’ve gotten something wrong, I will promptly update this post here. Or retract it or something if I got it really wrong. But I did my diligence on this one. 

  2. Edit: I’m sort of a stickler for accuracy if I’m going to go making accusations of potentially criminal behavior—so I wanted to update this post because I think something (very) slightly different happens. It looks like all check-related deposits are processed simultaneously. See, e.g.. But they are reordered. So if you’d written three checks for $25 in addition to making your deposit, you could be assessed with three overdraft fees for each of the three checks, which could somehow be processed between the $1,900 hold and the $2,000 deposit. But you would not be charged a fee on the $1,900 hold. 

The only way my day can be better if TD Bank would actually let me make or get into my online bank account.

Seriously, I have a migrane. I’m trying to act like an adult and they will not let me, how dare they.

My bank has me in debt and I have to go to court because my old school is suing me just because I can’t afford to pay back my student loans yet… my bank has me in debt for purchases I did not even make and I’ve complained to them before about it but they won’t do shit about it because TD Bank has always screwed me and my brother over.

They keep charging me for things I don’t do because I’m $254.22 in debt and I can’t do anything until that is paid off. I just want to pay that off and then close my bank account and I can’t start paying back my student loans until that’s cleared.

I’m extremely stressed right now and I don’t know what to do; everything is making me want to give up and I’m going insane trying to save money that I don’t have just to pay this off. I can’t pay it off unless it’s all at once and I don’t even have a job because nobody wants to hire me.

I’m not asking for everyone to give me a million dollars; even the smallest donation will help me. I swear on my life I will pay you all back somehow if you decide to be generous enough to even spare a dollar… it would mean the entire world and more to me.

Please spread this around, if anything.

I'm home from the Femme Fatale Tour!


Let me just tell you, Britney’s show in Boston was nothing less than spectacular! I know, Brit always puts on a show, but she exceeded my expectations. It was unbelievable. 


DJ Pauly D was the first opening act and he was alright. If he wasn’t on Jersey Shore he would not be good enough to be on this tour… just sayin. I had fun fist pumping though!


Nicki was INSANE. I was going hard to her lyrics singing/rapping along and I think the people in front of me thought I was insane. It’s cool. She looked so good, especially when she changed wigs and came out at the end during TTWE. I fucking love this woman.


Now, the living legend. When I got to the arena and saw how close my seats were I was almost in tears. I’ve seen Britney live twice before but I was always in the far back balcony. These seats were so close within steps I could be joining her on stage.


Each and every performance was spectacular and I loved the video interludes, the were super fun and creepy. I assume they chose the lucky fan who goes on stage before the show, for her special lapdance, but that didn’t stop me from running towards the stage screaming, trying to get them to chose me. I wasn’t pulled up on stage, sadly, but I’ll live.


 All in all this show was so unbelievable. The fact that I was in the presence of a living legend made me want to just die right there. I don’t know if I will ever experience anything as wonderful as I did tonight.

Thank you Britney.