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"Killian, what are you doing!?" Aurora shouted in horror. Her heart dropped right down into her stomach at the sight of her captain pointing that wretched gun towards Robin Hood.

Hook pointedly ignored her and kept his deadly gaze on the thief who seemed mildly frightened but held his ground. “Did I not warn you, mate? Don’t touch what’s mine.”

"So you’re going to kill me for making friends with the princess then?" Robin Hood asked in disbelief and even had the gall to sound somewhat mirthful. "Sounds a bit drastic, Captain Hook.”

Aurora, knowing this was going to get much worse, stepped in front of Robin and attempted to reason with the pirate. “Killian, please. You are being utterly irrational! Continue with this madness and you shall surely lose me forever!” She threatens angrily. “Now put that monstrous weapon down.”

Reluctantly, Hook lowered the gun but his cold eyes stayed on the smirking thief. “Don’t make me warn you again.”