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Keegan Chandler → Eighteen → Sophomore  → Hometown: Half Moon Bay, Antigua

  • Major: Omithology. Marine biology minor.

Keegan was born and raised in Half Moon Bay, Antigua. She came from a rather large family; immediate and as a whole there was many of them. Being an Islander, her family values are one of the most important things to her and even more so since she’s the youngest in her family. She’s always had a tight knit relationship with her siblings, cousins, and pretty much everybody.

Keegan is a sweetheart and absolutely loves people. Being friendly is another trait of a typical Islander. Though don’t get her wrong, she won’t let somebody walk all over her. She will get defensive and she treats others how they treat her, but she’s always willing to give chances. At least most the time.

Another thing Keegan loves is nature. Growing up on an beautiful island, she spent a lot of time outdoors and definitely a lot of time in the water. Surfing is a hobby of hers, along with out of water hobbies such as fashion and cosmetology. Quite of bit of things have her interest, but mainly it’s for animals. So upon acceptance into McKinley, she decided that she’d still do what she loves when going, but her passion would be working with animals. Birds, well penguins, and ocean animals in particular. Now here, she hopes she fits in well in this completely new place with way different people and finds a way to make friends, maybe eventually more.

Ships: Keegan/Chemistry, Keegan/Female
Antiships: Elliot/Male (In most cases)

2012 has been the year when fashion really took off around the NBA. Sure, guys like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have been on the cover of GQ before, but this year saw three different point guards get the cover, numerous articles in the men’s mag about NBA players’ style and Rajon Rondo interning for the company in New York City. It’s gone a little overboard, honestly.

But since that is the case, it’s time for three lucky players to claim their crowns as Best Dressed Players in the NBA (According to GQ Magazine). That’s because three stars — Russell Westbrook, Dwyane Wade and Tyson Chandler — were among the magazine’s annual 25 Most Stylish Men of the Year.