I can't --

     it’s so — loud 

   i — ow — [ blood tricked down from his ear and he put his hands over them both. as an alpha, his ears were ten times more sensitive, without the vampires’ lack of pain. ] does medical carry… ear plugs? something? i can — help. i think. but i can’t, with this — ow 

[It was difficult, to slip out from Spencer’s bed, to leave her body alone. But he was hungry now, starving after letting her feed the night before, and he went for the blood, draining a bag before he spoke a word. He ignored the nurses disgruntled looks at his half-naked body, disposing of the bag and going back to where Spencer still slept. Gently, he brushed her hair from her face, kissing her temple since she wasn’t awake to taunt him for it. He grabbed his shirt from the floor and the pen and paper from the table, scrawling out a note. “I’m not far - I left your lover for company, just in case I’m not here when you wake up. - D”. He folded the shirt and set the note on top, before moving towards the hallway in search of another to replace it.]