Me and Andrew were fken around, but I caught Ernest off guard, OMFG, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. HIS FACE, PRICELESS AF. I can’t stop laughing, my stomach hurts. Omfg omfg omfg. 

I’m DONE for tonight, maybe, laughing this hard, omfg.

  • Joseph:omg it smells like a public washroom that was flooded with dirty skunnk covered elephants..
  • Joseph:I'm listening to lilo and stitch..
  • everyone else:
  • Joseph:
  • everyone else:
  • Joseph:
  • Tyler:You should see someone about that..
  • Tony:I'm moving to Nepal next month.
  • Jhon:Is that a city... Or a street??
  • Jenn:Why would he tell us if he's moving to a street, Jhon!?
  • Tony:It's where Mt Everest is.
  • Jhon:Oh you're moving to where the world's most active volcano is.
  • Jhon::| shut up Jenn!
  • Jenn:I think you mean... world's most highest mountain.
  • Jhon:oh..
I've met some of the greatest people in the world.

This past year has been actually one of the best even though school had been super stressful. Tumblr let me meet so many amazing amazing people and I’m so thankful. Every single person I met has changed my life for the best and I’m so happy about it(: you all know who you are, I love you all<3

Spending my Friday night with le fam bam. First time that I’m not out at Cha! Drained from school and this whole day. I randomly called @itsgloradoe to hang out with me at Ray Rays so that I can work on my resume again. Then came home to these fellows. Guess it’s a chill Friday. :)

@est-xcvi @coilovers @drivenbydreams

IGNORE: Keeping this for future reference.
  • wandavoong:nah bitch
  • wandavoong:fk youuu
  • wandavoong:no limit nigga
  • wandavoong:fk that hot pocket
  • wandavoong:gonna cut up your queen
  • wandavoong:I mean peasant
  • coilovers:WHOA SHIT DAWG
  • coilovers:actually go take her
  • coilovers:LOl
  • wandavoong:LOL
  • wandavoong:WHICH ONE
  • wandavoong:AHAHAHAHAH
  • coilovers:LMFAO

Paying off my student fees and organizing my resources that I’ve gather during class and came back to broskies sleeping.