They see the wrinkles around his eyes.
The white ones, that has started to grow in his hair.
In his hands, there are visible veins and some marks, for them.
They can only see that he is old.

But the wrinkles around his eyes, they tell me his story.
The white ones tell me he has lived.
And his hands can still hold me and let me live.
And I can see much more than them; he is wise.

—  A teacher, a student

so i stayed after class today, and when he saw me, he got this huge grin on my face and he walked past me to get something and he smelled so good that i seriously moaned under my breath. i think he heard me too, because he looked at me in this charged way and we kept up eye contact for a few minutes before the intercom came on and good lord if it hadn’t interrupted us, i don’t know what would have happened

A sexy excerpt from my book, "Contradiction" ;D (IDK I was bored in class)

As I felt him slide in, my stomach clenched and bellyflies were intensely released—the same feeling that arose the first time our fingers touched underneath that star scape. I inhaled deeply.

“Does it hurt?” he asked, pulling my body closer to his.

“Not a bit,” my trembling voice squeaked. My hands instinctively tightened their grip on the back of his shoulders as it begun—the first stroke. 

21-10-14 3:36 PM

Jesus fucking Christ you looked more than magnificent today. You had a full grey suite on that made me weak at the knees and the cutest blue polka dot tie. Somehow you always managed to have your collar turned up and I just wanted to come up from behind you and playfully turn it down. Of course I couldn’t so I just jokingly pointed it out. This must be at least the third time I have had to do this while you are wearing a suite. You’re such a dork. I love you for that.
We didn’t get to talk much today but after such an awful night yesterday you’ve cheered me up. You’ve transformed my mood in the matter of sentences.
The best thing is I get to see you again tonight in literally 2 hours time.

Remember that one scenario we had in class that went ‘Those who are sick are unhappy?’ And the contradiction that you came up was ‘In an alternate universe, there is a happiness disease, and those who were contracted with the disease were incredibly happy and those who didn’t have it were jealous of those who did have it.’ And whenever I see your face light up with excitement, laughter, and just pure joy, I feel as if I’ve been infected with said happiness disease. Perhaps it wasn’t an alternate universe after all. And this life that we will spend together will make my disease incurable. And I’m okay with that. I loved you since the first day my eyes beheld you and I always will.
—  If I could say this to him, I would.