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(x) pissy, sleepy taylor is hot as fuck. anyone else agrees?



One time in his office, I was going onto Tumblr to find a post that I had reblogged that I thought he would like. As I’m scrolling through (he couldn’t see it) I saw a post with full-on porn, breasts and dick present, and I wasn’t expecting it at all.

"Woah!!!" I exclaimed. D asked what it was and I didn’t want to tell him. And I smiled and said, "You’re too young."

He gave me that look.

I’m too young?” 

I nodded.

"Yes. Yes you are." 

Last Christmas TC dressed up as a woman...

Last Christmas we had this Christmas play put on by the teachers and it was Cinderella and my TC was one of the ugly step sisters so he came out in a fucking dress, high feels and these big balloon boobs…so yeah

Parents Evening

Last year at parents evening with H (I’m A btw)

So me, my mum and dad were sat outside the classroom waiting and he looked out and said ‘ugh I suppose I’ll have to see you then A’ in his jokey voice.

So we walked in and he sat down and he looked flustered but still hot. And so he was talking my parents through everything and then he said ‘And I’m sure she’s probably told you but A did extremely well on her end of year exam, I’m really proud of her’ and I was grinning like yes and then he goes ‘So how do you think you’re doing?’ I was like ‘Pretty good, obviously cause you’re such a good teacher’ and he laughed before saying ‘I hope I have you next year now that you’re not going to be in my form anymore’ and that was pretty much it he was like ‘See you tomorrow’ BUT THEN

We got home and my mum says ‘He so fancies you’ ((she doesn’t know I have a crush on him)) so I was like ‘what’
And she said ‘You can see by the way he looks at you he likes you and as soon as you sat down he went all red’ I was like ‘he likes me as his student’ and she went ‘nah I think he fancies you..’


If Fear Didn't Exist,

I would walk up to your office, knock on your door, watch you turn in your chair, speak with you, telling you how much it sucked over summer not being able to talk to you because I was gonna be your student again in the fall and I would apologize for not even saying hi. 

I would tell you that I only enrolled in your class because I was mad that you didn’t offer to meet with me one last time before you left the country when I found your office to be unoccupied. I had never made so stupid of a mistake in my life. 

I would ask you to meet me for coffee.

I would tell you how sorry I am for awkward things I’ve said to you and also for things I’ve left unsaid. 

If we were walking back, as we’re parting, I would hug you. I’ve never done that with you and I want to know how it feels. 

If I simply can’t stand it any longer, I’d stop in my tracks and tell you that I’m in love with you. I’ve known it when I realized that I was hurt because I couldn’t see you and say goodbye before summer started. 

I’m in love with you. 

Whatever your reaction may be, just know that declaring it releases all of the agony that has been building up for months and I will be at peace. 

I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you any of this sooner. Please forgive me.

But of course, since I’m anxious and scared, I don’t think these words would slip past my lips. 

HE DID IT AGAIN. We were working with chord tuning today.

At the front of the classroom, he called on me “Soprano, I need you to help me with this.” I go up to him, and he tells me to sing a line from the sheet music. He demonstrates the harmony by singing the alto part against me. The choir freaked out.

Then, a few minutes later. “Soprano, I have to print something in my office, would you mind conducting this through a few times?” “Uhh, okay…”

And so the reign as Student Conductor has begun!


One of the best days I’ve ever had by far was at Warped Tour this past year. I had a Bandhappy class with Issues and I was so so excited. At the class, they were so sweet and provided so much great information about their songwriting and recording process. After the actual lesson, we were allowed to talk and take pictures with Ty, Aj, and Tyler. I went up to Tyler first and I thanked him for taking up his time to do all these classes for us while he signed my ticket. I told him that this whole thing means the world to me and I’m not gonna lie, I teared up a lil bit. He immediately pulled me in for a hug and it made my whole entire day. Aj and Ty were super sweet and funny and I loved talking to them. They both signed my ticket and I just had the happiest most fun day. I can’t wait to meet these amazing people again at their tour in November. (:

You know how sometimes when you’re on the Vine app and when you’re scrolling and the page is loading, and you can’t see it but you can hear the vine right above it? 

Well, once in his office, I was trying to find a vine for D that I thought he would like. I’m waiting for the page to load more vines, and we couldn’t see it, but all of a sudden we hear the translation fail excerpt,

"Please give me cock!" 

And he fucking laughed!!!!!

I covered my mouth and blushed and then I scrolled up and said that I now had to show him that so that he could see that it’s not wasn’t he thought it was. 

and every weekend in the winter you’d be wearing my hoodie, with draw strings pulled tight to keep your face from the cold