It’s so cute when he trips over his words and he’s like, “I can’t talk today!” because it’s pretty much every day and it’s so damn cute like I could listen to him mess up all day and it would only make me love him more. Today he kept messing up and he just proclaims, “I’M HAVING A DAY TODAY,OKAY!?

He’s so cute I wanna hit him in the face for it but if I did I would probably just rush to his side like, “ARE YOU OKAY BABY I’M SORRY”

Life would be so much easier if I didn’t have feelings for my tc. Knowing I can’t be with him (at least not yet) makes me want to snuggle up in my bed and listen to sad love songs all day long. I guess that’s what feelings do to you. So can I please just go back to being heartless again? 💔


After D’s lesson I hung around abit and he walked over and out of the blue said “do you want to have a thumb war?” And straight away I said yes cos I get to touch his hand duh hahaha. So this lasted a good minute because I pinned his thumb down but always wriggled free. Here’s the thing, we weren’t looking at our hands, we were looking into each other’s eyes the whole time, he started grinning and I lost. We just held each other’s hands, not breaking eye contact and we walked away from each other still holding hands. My friend john was waiting outside for me and he saw the whole fricken thing and he says to me “ummm is there something going on between you guys?”
I walked to the canteen and at the end of break D goes to me “ahh L please can you buy me a croissant?” He handed me his money and I bought it and gave it to him as he was just about to leave the canteen because he was busy and he’s says to me “thank you so much L you know like, you’re amazing”
And then after college john says to me “I bet you would have sex with him and he would make a move when you graduate”

Fuuuuuuuck man fucck!!!

Honestly I don’t know how much longer I can do this. I overthink every single emotion, look, conversation, smile EVERYTHING. Between him and I. It’s killing me, my anxiety attacks before I see him are ones I’ve never experienced before in my life. I have to walk around the school a good 7-8 times before I have enough courage to walk into his room. Most times when I leave, I get home and want to cry. I want to curse him out for making me feel this way but it’s not his fault. I want to hate him, but I can’t. I want to ignore him, but that makes it worse. I suddenly feel as if I can’t even see him after school anymore because it’s weird. People might start thinking things… I don’t know. This whole issue is just ruining my life. I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask it again. How can one fucking person make me feel opposite moods literally every time I see him. I really really just don’t know what I’m doing with my life at this point. I can’t hate him, but I can surely hate myself for falling for him

I made her blush by saying hello, what the actual fuck did I just do?

Whoa, fucking hell, guys…  Guys…  GUYS!

You read the title right; we spoke a lot today :o

I said morning to her as I walked in while she was on duty and then I went to the study room early as my session with the year 7 form I’m looking after finished.  Up there, we talked before she went to teach her class, and before I had my first free :)

Just us, no one else.  She laughed, I laughed.  She makes me happy.  She smiled, so I make her happy.  I can live with that.  Then the bell went.  ”You have so much to carry, miss, do you want a hand?”

She turned back and smiled.  ”Nah, it’s okay…  Thanks, though.  You’re a sweetheart.”

I’m disappointed she said no, tbh.  ”Aw, okay.  At least you can’t say I don’t offer to do anything around here.”

H laughed.  ”I’d never dream of it.”

I joked about my mum saying I do fuck all, and we both laughed and she said see you later.

At second period, I went to my first class, and saw her coming in the corridor so I lingered in the doorway, and smirked and said “Hello, again.”

This was it;

She looked at me, smiled so brightly, whispered “Hello,” and looked ahead, still smiling and her cheeks went slightly red.

Oh my fuck, I can’t even.  It happened this morning and I’m still reeling.

Requested imagine.

You felt your eyes dropping slightly. It was unbelievable, you were falling asleep in (Y/TC)’s class. But you just couldn’t keep your eyes open, you had pulled an all nighter due to a massive homework which was given to you earlier that day.

You heard muffled talking but you were already drifting off. You awoke after what felt like seconds to someone tapping your shoulder.

"Thank god I thought you would never wake up." A deep voice said, you lifted your head and your eyes widened.

"(TC/N)! Sorry I was tired and…" You trailed off as his face cracked a smile and you copied.

"It’s okay, I told your next teacher that you had to stay after since it is last lesson and I had a free so let you sleep. You never drift off so you must have needed to." He said, grinning. "Although I am worried about you, why were you so tired?"

"Mr (Ass of a teacher’s name here.) made me complete a bunch of homework and it took me all night." You said, rubbing your forehead.

"Oh right, I hope you feel better soon." He said, patting your hand, but then held on to it, eyes wide. His fingers linked in with yours and you smiled until his hand fell away, leaving you feeling cold.

"Sorry." He said and seemed to have wanted to say something else but shook his head and walked away sadly.

So today

First of all I managed to not have a conversation with LP after being in close proximity with her on multiple occasions. I AM SO sad though. But she was busy talking to other teachers and teaching. I WALKED INTO HER LESSON TO COLLECT SOMETHING AND STILL ALL I GOT WAS HELLO. And she looked perfect. I love her so much. Its ridiculous.

Then I was grumpy for an hour but when I got to maths SS WAS BEING THE EMBODIMENT OF CUTE AND ITS NOT OK. She was looking gorgeous too. Argh.

I am in deep. Waaaaaaay too deep. Fuck.