nostalgichosinblade said:

"Stay with me, please." Her hand rested on the hilt of one of two blades resting on her hip. The man is a thief, a thief who would go out into the forest and steal honey from bees- not once stopping to think to smoke the bees to sleep before doing such a thing. As such she'd been put in charge of making sure Gaius didn't do anything else that would get himself injured.

It was a little weird to hear those words and the thief tenses up a bit. Stay with her? And she said please too. His teeth bite on the stick that is in his mouth and he just glances off to the side. Should he stay? Should he go? A hard decision to make since he’s sure she would tail behind him if he were to book it. A hand goes up and fingers tap his chin as he gives a soft sigh, his peridot eyes gazing at the woman.

"What exactly am I getting out of staying with you?"