She is my best friend. Always has been, Always will be. She does talk about sex 24/7. Or complain about how she cant see her boyfriend because of school. She doesn’t think she’s cooler then everyone else. And she’s there for me when i need her most. I love her to death and i cant imagine what it would be like without her <3

i still remember when i first met you. you had that terrible hair cut, those hideous eyebrows and that dorky smile. you put that stupid panda hat on and i just rolled my eyes at you. everyone else laughed at you. you were shy when it came to girls and to be honest you were a pretty shit kisser, but you had the most amazing personality. that’s what i fell for, that’s what i still love about you. sure you may be super hot now, and your smile is the cutest damn thing ever, you’re eyebrows are better now that i wax them and damn you’re an amazing kisser, but its you’re personality that has my heart. the way you get excited about video games and comic books. it’s cute how it took you 7 months to realise i was totally and completely head over heels for you. even if everyone else knew and dropped hints whenever they could. the way you look at me, so meaningfully, just makes me want to melt. i can be a complete retard around you and you think its the cutest thing in the world. you’re face lights up whenever i join in with the jokes about the whore house. what about the first few times we met? having our poking war on a single bed. sitting outside in the freezing cold talking about pointless crap. you carried me into the ocean even though i was petrified and screaming at you. or the time the girls bet me $30 i couldn’t stay away from you, and i gave in after a bit because you were just so captivating. that and you were helping them out by trying to get close to me. every second i spend with you, i’m the happiest i’ve ever been. no ones ever made me feel the way you do. i wouldn’t call it love, because after all what is love? we throw it around like its nothing, and now its lost all its meaning. but i like you so much more then you will ever know, more then anyone will ever know. i just want you here with me, but of all the places you could be, you’re on a boat somewhere between korea and malaysia for another 2 months or less. you’re incredible and adorable and alluring and i cannot wait until you’re back. because i sure as hell am going to ask you out.