"Your little boyfriend is a cutie, tough guy. Just my type.. I catch you messin’ around here again, you’re gonna go home with a black eye to an empty bed and that pretty little twink is mine. All I gotta do is ring up my boys to grab the runt and bring him to me. Got it? Won’t be able to put up much of a fight if I get a hold of him. I’ll have him moaning my name in a week. Better not cross any more lines, boy. Gonna cost you next time."

Trespassing again, boy!? What you think you’re gonna find, huh? Huh? Didn’t learn the first time? Must like it here, coming on my property so much. How about this.. you like it so much? You’re my property now. You’re staying with me. I’ll teach you a lesson your daddy never taught you. How old are you? 18? You’re a scrawny little guy ain’t ya? Gonna put some meat on your bones and put you to work for me. Right now I’m tired. Let’s go take a nap, boy. You wanna sneak around on my property, good! Now you belong to me. Just a little fly caught in a web, ain’t ya? And we’re gonna have fun, better believe it. Well, I am anyway. And don’t even bother trying to run - you ain’t going nowhere, heh heh heh.. Now let’s hit the sack.. you’re coming to bed with daddy.


Huge guy just squashes skinny dude into submission - he must have learned going up against the little ones to just take them down and put all his weight on em.. wrap his enormous arms around the head and smother them in his huge chest and belly. This one didn’t put up much of a struggle before tapping out from the lack of oxygen - the big guy got more than just a trophy for this match. Grabbing the exhausted little dude and throwing a strong arm around his neck, he made his way to the exit. Little guy belonged to him now, according to the deal they made. He smirked as the skinny runt barely struggled to be escape his tight grip, too out of breath and giving in already. He better get used to that enormous gut in his face.

Sighting Story

Ok, so I was at this southern-style buffet restaurant today and there was this enormous guy sitting close to me. He was around 6’3” and I’m guessing at least 375 lbs (probably up to 420) with brown hair. He was wearing a black shirt with a red cap on backwards and red athletic shorts. He was eating so much food and kept on piling more on his plate. He was just humongous. I kept hoping for a chance to bump into him and I almost did when I went up to the buffet line since it was a tight, crowded restaurant and he took up so much space. This guy was at least three times bigger than me. His arms were massive, bigger than my thighs.. and he had a big, big belly and chest on a thick, stocky frame. His massive gut was like this big wall of fat protruding from his already huge frame. He was built like a refrigerator (or a freaking truck). He had a much smaller (male) friend with him. I wonder if they were having some kind of eat-off competition lol.. I love seeing big men his size. With the south being the epicenter of American football, it’s not too rare. But this was easily one of the biggest dudes I have ever seen.

Sighting Story

I saw a pretty big dude today at a festival. He had black hair and a bushy black beard and wore sunglasses, jeans, and a black shirt that stretched kind of tightly across his bulging belly. He was pretty stocky, kind of tall, and had some big arms. He looked like kind of a badass because his beard was awesome and went well with his shades. He might have been Arab since it was an international festival. Just thought I’d share :)

Sighting Story

You know those moments when you see someone you just want to jump on? For me it usually happens when I’m sitting somewhere doing something and in walks some enormous guy.

One time I was in the university cafe either studying or getting a coffee or something. I sat down and before long, this massive dude came in. He was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt that was pretty tight. He was tall and had huge arms, legs, and this big GUT. He was blonde with short hair. He started talking to this much smaller girl very close to me and they sat down together. He had a deep, sexy voice. It was kind of obvious to me that he played football, I mean I guess a guy can be that big without playing it but not very often. I got to look at his wide back while they talked before they left. God, he was huge.