seriousflightrisk replied to your post “Well I know there’s been this taohun magazine things going on n I have to say I agree with most ppl. I love them so much, I dont want ppl to talk bad abt them. Those writer shldnt have wrote it or even followed them around. I mean, they need prsonal space urgh.. and evryone is just talking abt it and mistood it even, n it just make me feel sick like cant we not talk abt this or lets not spread it? Let they live their live happily and just stop. some fans need to know wht personal space is, srsly”

i dont think its going to be taken seriously in korea. its just dumb gossip. I don’t get the worry that some people have of it getting shared on tumblr? No one on here seems to be taking it seriously. i was worried but now im just annoyed at the tbld

I’m not worried about Tumblr. But it’s spreading on other sites and people are already starting rumors about Tao, trying to defame him. That’s what I was concerned about.