Honestly i been debating about making this post, but honestly idgaf rn; but for eveyone who say they want to deconlization yourself. Do you really? Or do you just want to unlearn SOME racism sexism and homophobia?

Because deconlization youself involves unlearning ableism, ageism, monoracism, transphobia, transmysitonie, biphobia, EVERY -isms, -phobias, and -eraser. Its tearing the walls down and destorying your basic foundation and analyzing everythinf and anything and starting anew.

Its not finding a more “peaceful” religion than any of the Abraham religions, its not going vegetarian/vegan, its not unlearning SOME problematic things, its not reconnecting to lost or forgetten roots, its unlearning ALL problematic things, ALL of them. It’s understanding that we all problematic and we all need to shut up, sit down, and listen and learn.

Its help speaking for those who dont have the same privilege as you do, help make their voices louder, not speaking over them. And honestly i dont see how most of yall claim to be in the process of deconlization when you only want to do one thing instead of everything; because thats not deconlization, its still helps making everything and anything unsafe.

When Taylor likes my post about the friendships I’ve made because of her … I’m DEAD.
I love my TBI and Taylor Bless Squad. You are both perfect and my true loves.

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ppl need to let up and chill. the reason why I (I'm someone with a fluid sexuality as well) use the term gay to describe myself is because the lgbtq community seems to only be recognized by the g. especially gay men. tbh in my experience when people tell me not to call myself gay it's because they think I'm actually het or they're try to get me to say I actually am just homosexual. like tbh when people tell you not to call yourself that it's almost always bc of our "invisible" sexuality

il u SM thank u!!!!!! tbis is what ive been tryna say!!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Victims who report a rape can be hit with a barrage of questions.

Where did it happen? And when? Who was the rapist?

Do you want to undergo a forensic evaluation?

The contents of that exam, commonly known as a rape test kit, are held by the investigating agency and, in theory, processed by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. That process can take more than a year, and as the 2013 revelation that Memphis had more than 12,000 untested rape kits revealed, is sometimes never completed at all.

That revelation has prompted new legislation, a class-action lawsuit and a national search for funding.

“The Memphis thing put a big spotlight on everybody,” Hamilton County District Attorney General Neal Pinkston said.

According to the TBI, Tennessee still has a backlog of 9,062 untested kits. Almost 7,000 of those come from Memphis, where officials say 16 suspects have already been identified from kits that finally were tested.

Untested kits in Hamilton County and the surrounding area make up only 260 of Tennessee’s total number. But local officials say they’ve spent months going back through each untested kit and analyzing the merits of each case. They’ve whittled their lists down even farther in an effort to determine which kits will be tested and which will be destroyed.

The result is only 11 untested kits that officials say could yield a prosecution.

My views on sexuality

-if you’re gay, that’s cool.
-if you’re a lesbian, that’s cool.
-if you’re asexual, that’s cool.
-if you’re bisexual, that’s cool.
-if you’re pansexual, that’s cool.
-if you’re straight, that’s cool.
-if you aren’t sure, that’s cool.
-if you hate on someone because of their sexuality, go fuck yourself.

Two Teenagers Awarded Compensation for Parasailing Accident

An undisclosed settlement has been reached for a lawsuit over a parasailing accident that left two teenagers with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A local parasailing business allowed two teenagers to go parasailing during unsafe weather conditions. Due to high winds, the rope connected to the boat separated and the two teenagers drifted until they hit a condominium balcony.

Family members of the two teenagers filed lawsuits against the parasailing company, rental company, towrope manufacturer and the condominium.

Both women are in constant pain from their injuries, and in an interview with the press, one of the women mentioned that she now has memory problems and difficulty controlling her emotions.

To keep future accidents from occurring, regulations were imposed on parasailing companies and they may no longer operate during dangerous weather conditions.

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