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List 15 things that make you happy (and tag 15 people)

1. My really cute friends

2. All the lovely and awesome people who follow me/that I follow

3. My dogs :P

4. Waking up before my alarm and having an hour left to sleep

5. Disney World

6. Piano bars

7. Piles of books

8. Netflix Marathons

9. Strong female characters

10. Melissa McBride’s facial expressions

11. Shawn Hunter and Corey Matthews friendship

12. Rainbow cookies

13. Vines that are comedic masterpieces

14. Lazy days

15. The memory of hugging Chad Coleman

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Last tv show you watched: The Amazing Race!! If I’m home on Fridays, I end up watching it with my mom. I’m pretty sure we live vicariously through the teams as we travel across the world.
Last song you listened to: The Girl by City and Colour on my Pandora station.
Last text you sent: "Haha I did!"
Last movie you saw: Into the Storm I half-watched (and I don’t know why) and I also watched Maleficent, which I loved
Last thing you drank: Currently drinking white wine.
Last thing you ate: a cherry poptart, too sweet :P
Last thing you read: I’m finishing up Rules of Civility (an amazing book!) and am getting read to start In the Afterlight.
Last item you bought: Hahaha I bought Kristoff and Prince Eric dolls from the Disney Store – started my Christmas shopping early!
Last person you spoke to in person:
 My dad asked me about pretzels, so my dad. LOL

I tag tbirdatmywindow! Just cause! Whenever you see this T, fill it out and it’ll make me smile!! :)

tbirdatmywindow replied to your post: also on the right and left hand thing- a lot of teachers actually make kids write with their right hand so Sarah could be ambidexterous or right handed because of her schooling and how it was trained into her whereas Helena was never taught to write properly so she would write with what she thought was natural…just a thinking :)

interesting, although i would expect helena to be the one trained out of left-handedness if she spent time in a convent. do we actually know how long she was there before being found?

I want to say she was eight though I’m pretty sure I’m pulling that figure out of my ass. But yeah, it would make more sense for Helena to have been forced to write with her right hand. I like the mirror twin explanation more, but that’s just me. 


So I was in a really shitty mood yesterday going to sleep, for lots of reasons, but then I woke up this morning to well wishes from the lovely Tee, a step-by-step morning wake-up guide from my best friend (complete with background music to listen to while completing the steps), and an email from the head of the Women’s Studies department calling me wonderful

Today is gonna be great, everyone. 

tbirdatmywindow said:

I hope you DO come on strong. Too many people come on weakly. All those things you listed are just labels, and they don’t really mean anything. YOU bring meaning to them with your personality and your thoughts and feelings and everything that makes you you. And if I were meeting someone as awesome as you are, I would expect all that amazingness to overpower me- it should. And I’d be grateful to know up front exactly how great you are. 


Ahh that is…that’s SO lovely :) Thanks heaps for taking the time to tell me such pretty things! I hope you get some really positive karma in return.