Do you know what I would do when monsters came into my dreams? I’d try and scare them. I’d scream and yell until they were afraid and ran off. Then they leave you alone. You have to be worse than them. 


yunho & changmin 4 out of ?

onetrueslayer replied to your post: “she…… threw finnick odair…. :(”:

HOW DARE HER!! but seriously do you expect anything else from your sister?

tru tru. ike u remember what i said to u abt when i watched that merlin finale and my sister watched some of it omg.

anyways im not gonna go to sleep for a while so i’m gonna tell u my mockingjay dream. i lvoe how either i don’t get sleep/when i do it’s night mares, etc. and then when i start taking sleeping pills…. this. is what type of dream i have, typical madison.

read the weirdest fandom dream i’ve ever had in my life

so oh my god like it’s at the end of mockingjay and everyone’s pissed b/c finnick and prim and everyone is dead idk can’t remember everyone right now and then everyone who’s alive like yknow katniss, haymitch, peeta, johanna, yea other people. they meet up with president snow and everyone’s like…. “wtf. everything is your fault. everyone is deadddd” and then plutarch is standign right beside president snow and is like “wow guys. um chilll you know. some ppl died ut you know no one’s hurt, he’s only human.” then there’s ghost dead ppl like tru.

and then ok ok the song. human - christina perri. ~he’s only humannnnn~ is just goin on in my dream like everyone is singing it wtf. then there’s like clove and cato and etc ar e in a corner bein like wtf. and then i woke up and was like… wtf. oh ymg god yeah that was the dream.

tbh im not even shocked or surprised anymore this whole company is the biggest piece of shit one day literally everyone even those who haven’t even debuted yet is going to file a lawsuit against this shitty place