A Day In The Life - 27th December 1960: The Beatles perform in Liverpool following their first trip to Hamburg. 

Billed as a ‘Welcome Home’ show following their first trip to Hamburg, The Beatles’ 27th December 1960 performance at Litherland Town Hall is a breakthrough show which cements their name as Liverpool’s top live draw.

The booking is arranged by Bob Wooler, who is introduced to The Beatles by their booking agent Allan Williams. Wooler later becomes the in-house DJ at the Cavern Club.

The Beatles are mostly unknown in north Liverpool at the time, and most of the Litherland regulars presume they are a German group. The long hours spent honing the music in Hamburg finally pay dividends, however; from the opening number, Little Richard’s Long Tall Sally, The Beatles electrifiy the crowd, and there is a spontaneous surge towards the stage.

Immediately after the show Brian Kelly books the group for a series of future shows, for between £6 and £8 a time, in an attempt to stop any other promoter from getting to them.

The Beatles’ reputation in Liverpool is made overnight. After this first appearance at Litherland Town Hall they command a dedicated local following, with a number of fans attending every performance. From here, the group never looks back.